18 Stars That Prove Age Is Nothing More Than a Number

Of course, life doesn’t end after 30. But many people are scared of this number for some reason and think that old age starts just after it. But, in fact, there are many examples that prove people might even become more attractive with age.

We at Bright Side have found 18 celebrities that show any age has its advantages.

Priyanka Chopra

Helena Bonham Carter

Amanda Seyfried

Joe Jonas

Drew Barrymore

Adam Levine

Adam Driver

Renée Zellweger


Tom Hiddleston

Reese Witherspoon

Daniel Craig

Christian Bale

Jennifer Garner

Jake Gyllenhaal

Ryan Reynolds

Chris Hemsworth

Megan Fox

Do you think that youth ends after 30, or is it just a new start?

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