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21 Pics Proving Time Can’t Undo Unconditional Love

Oh, who doesn’t like those romantic films where high school sweethearts fall in love and, through adversities, manage to stay together forever. But luckily for us, happy ending fans, this also happens in real life. We can see more than romantic couples here — like best friends for decades, life-long furry companions, and eternal family bonding.

Bright Side found some of these inseparable people that will make you believe in endless love.

1. “8 years later, we recreated our prom pic at our wedding.”

2. “Every Father’s Day my brothers and I wear our father’s work shirts. He died 18 years ago.”

3. “My grandfather and me, 29 years apart”

4. “My son and daughter’s first picture together, and again 12 years later”

5. “My best friend and I in 1st grade and at our graduation”

6. “Met my best friend when we were in diapers. Started dating in 2011, and 4 years later, still 2 goofs in love.”

7. “Still my Buddy 10 years later.”

8. “Happy 70th Anniversary to my wife’s grandparents!”

9. “The color has faded over the years but their love hasn’t.”

10. “Almost exactly 40 years later. My parents!”

11. “My best friend and I have been best friends for over 16 years now.”

12. “They are still the best of friends.”

13. “11 years, and not much has changed. College roommates.”

14. “High school sweethearts, 10 years this week!”

15. “My grandmother and her twin brother at 3 or 4 years old (1940/41) and this weekend on their 80th birthday.”

16. “My grandmother and my 2-year-old self baking gingerbread cookies. The second pic was taken 15 years later.”

17. “My best friend of 20 years. My handsome little gentleman.”

18. “7 years later (husband no less annoyed at having to take the annual jumping picture)”

19. “Recreated our wedding day photos 25 years later.”

20. “Grandma reading my brother a story 21 years later.”

21. “Mom finally got married today after being with her boyfriend for 15 years.”

Who do you love unconditionally? Post a photo of the 2 of you together, we’d love to see it.

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