24 People Who Are Anything but Shadows of Their Old Selves

Changing one’s physical features is not necessarily a superficial act — sometimes it serves as a fresh start or a life-changing epiphany. And the brave people on this list used their transformations to free themselves from feeling stuck with an unhappy or unhealthy lifestyle.

Bright Side rounded up some photos of inspiring people who underwent a metamorphosis and emerged from their cocoons as beautiful and better individuals.

1. “Down 200 pounds! I never thought I’d feel this good again.”

2. “After years of skincare trial and error, I finally figured it out.”

3. “Fasting, cardio, and lifting weights really changed me.”

4. “Weight loss and a full makeover”

5. “My nickname used to be ‘ugly.’ I went on a journey to love myself, and here we are today.”

6. “This dress was a sign of defeat. It is now a symbol of strength and commitment.”

7. “I shaved my eyebrows off for 5 years. I finally got tired of doing it and went for a more natural makeup look.”

8. “Hit my goal weight and had a breast augmentation and facial feminization surgery.”

9. “Darling, those cheekbones!!”

10. “15-month glow-up”

11. “On the left, I was about 32 years old, and on the right, almost 50 years old.”

12. “From a depressed priest to a thriving 23-year-old woman”

13. “Braces, surgery, bone grafting, a sinus lift, and dental implants — it’s nice to feel good about smiling after all these years.”

14. “Salute 100x! A prime example of no excuses!”

15. “Weight loss, braces off, and rhinoplasty — I feel so much better about my appearance.”

16. “RNY gastric bypass was one of the hardest yet most rewarding things I’ve done. I’ve got my life back.”

17. “I’m 51 but I feel 30 again. Age means nothing.”

18. “My transformation with fillers and style changes — if you have the chance to make yourself feel good, do it!”

19. “You should be so proud! What a transformation!”

20. “Gave myself the freedom to be me, no matter the cost.”

21. “Wow! You’re a whole different person! I can’t imagine how much hard work that takes.”

22. “When I transitioned, my wife started sewing me skirts and dresses. Here I am, featuring her pieces.”

23. “Been exercising and dieting properly for a year.”

24. “I definitely do a double-take when I pass a mirror. ’Who is that? Oh yeah, it’s me!’”

What’s one thing that you changed about yourself that helped you become a better person? Do you have physical features that you want to improve?

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