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A 56-Year-Old Man Reveals How It Feels to Live in an Ageless Body

From fairy tales to the real world, staying forever young has always been something that people strive for but never achieve. However, as it turns out, it just may be attainable for some lucky individuals. Chuando Tan is a 56-year-old public figure from Singapore, but we wouldn’t guess he was any older than 26. However, as cool as this sounds, having a youthful appearance comes with a price.

We at Bright Side know that eternal youth is impossible, but we’re fascinated by people who are able to prolong it naturally. Read on to find out how Chuando feels about the way he looks and the negative side of it.

Chuando’s secret to staying young

Chuando Tan is a 56-year-old model and photographer from Singapore. With his flawless face and chiseled body, many guys in their twenties envy him. To keep his appearance youthful, Chuando sticks to a specific diet and has a strict daily routine. He is strongly against aesthetic surgery and prefers simple and natural skincare.

Good looks aren’t all he has to offer.

This Singaporean man is more than just a good-looking guy. Although he started his career as a model, he has turned to professional photography. Chuando has also cultivated his musical talent, singing with a local recording company. Today, he runs his own modeling agency. In addition to all of this, Chuando is a huge philanthropist and uses the popularity he gained on social media to draw attention to certain problems in our society.

Even being beautiful can get overwhelming sometimes.

In a 2017 interview, Chuando stated that girls approach him on the street “giggling and asking for autographs.” He also gets anonymous phone calls all the time, which makes him feel unsafe. Chuando modestly admits that he doesn’t like the attention he’s getting. Because of this, he always tries to look ordinary when out and about.

However, he tries to look at the positive side of it all.

Eventually, Chuando started feeling differently about popularity — it seems like he’s finally at peace with being admired. Though he hears many models complaining about people flirting and asking them out, he sees it as a positive thing. After all, it’s better than being unattractive and not being able to find a partner that easily.

Chuando is happy to be a role model for his fans.

Chuando decides to be young on the inside as well as on the outside. His energy is what makes him have a positive impact on the people around him. Although people are attracted to his good looks, Chuando thinks they look up to him to “learn how to be healthy and have a healthy outlook on life.”

How do you fight against signs of aging? Share your secrets in the comments!

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