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Meet Jeyźa Kaelani, a Model With a Rare Skin Condition Who Proudly Says, “I Am Allowed to Be Beautiful”

Ichthyosis is a condition that affects the skin by leaving it thick and dry, and it can develop thanks to many different factors. It’s not common to know someone with this disorder, even though it affects 1 of every 250 people in the US.

It’s even rarer to see someone with ichthyosis being the face of the beauty industry. That’s why we’re featuring the incredible Jeyźa Kaelani, a model who suffers from this condition and is changing the meaning of what beauty is.

Jeyźa realized she wanted to be a model in her teens.

While Jeyźa was a senior in high school, she discovered her love for modeling, as she recalled in an interview. The wise model talked about how her uncle took her to a prom photoshoot, where she modeled her gown and had a great time. Sometimes, random situations in our lives that we might perceive as unimportant are what help us find ourselves and learn what we really want.

Thanks to the encouragement of her friends and peers, Jeyźa decided to try modeling as a full-time career. She started sending applications to different modeling agencies and was turned down by some until she found one that was perfect for her.

Social media was both a curse and a blessing for her.

Social media can be a very scary place due to the anonymity it gives its users. Sometimes people can be mean to others online due to the lack of accountability. When Jeyźa started posting content online, she received hurtful comments from internet trolls.

As she recalls, she learned to ignore the mean comments and focus only on the positive ones. Although Jeyźa had some negative experiences online, she also had great opportunities knocking on her door. It was thanks to her Instagram that she found the agency she is currently working with.

The industry’s beauty standards are being challenged.

Recently, Jeyźa has been a positive force in the beauty community and for people that were not being represented in the media. Now, thanks to her and some other awesome activists, the standards of what is considered beautiful are being broadened.

Being featured in Vogue Italia and on the cover of Glamour magazine were big achievements for her and for those that see themselves represented in her. Jeyźa posted an emotional message on her social media about the success she has recently faced, writing “I refuse to say ’this is crazy’ anymore because I know this is meant. This is necessary.”

Her platform is a tool she uses to inspire others.

“I want the platform I am walking into to be one full of boldness, confidence and inspiration.” These were Jeyźa’s words when she talked about her social media presence, and we can totally see that reflected on her Instagram page.

The model shared a touching mantra online that makes her feel more confident, and we couldn’t agree with it more: “I am allowed to be beautiful. [...]. I am allowed to inspire. I can be free. I get to exist however I desire.”

Do you think social media can have a positive impact on society’s beauty standards? Tell us about an important role model you have in your life.

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