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Victoria Beckham Shared the Secret to Her 20-Year Marriage, and We All Should Take Notes

Victoria Beckham is about to celebrate her twenty-first wedding anniversary with her gorgeous husband this year. Boasting one of the most iconic and longlasting celebrity marriages in the world, the couple is pretty laconic when it comes to talking about their family, however, Victoria opened up about a couple of principles that keep her relationship with her husband going strong.

Here at Bright Side, we’ve been following Posh and Becks for many years and still believe that they’re a very inspiring, rock-solid couple. Scroll down to find out how they keep their marriage blooming.

They recently renewed their vows.

In 2017, Victoria and David renewed their vows, exchanging words of commitment in a secret ceremony at their home with only 6 guests present.

Unlike the big magnificent ceremony in 1999 that took place in an Irish castle, this one was very simple, as David shared in a radio interview. It’s no wonder it was private, given how little the Beckhams have spoken about their relationship in recent years.

They have “a lot of fun together.”

One of the secrets to a long, successful marriage, as Victoria revealed, was that they have a lot of fun together. Victoria admitted in an interview that if she was as miserable as she looked in some paparazzi photos, her children wouldn’t be as happy as they are and she certainly wouldn’t be married anymore.

Even though they’re both pretty busy traveling around the world and spend a lot of time apart, they still make time for each other. Additionally they both post a lot of pictures together, whether it’s of a romantic date night, a simple walk, a bike ride, or a night of dancing together.

They put “hard work” into their marriage.

In recent interviews, David described married life as hard work, especially when the marriage has lasted over 2 decades. He added that sometimes there are difficult situations like traveling and being away from each other, but you make it work.

Victoria seems to have the same opinion — she shared that they both work really hard, support and look out for each other, and are lucky to be growing together.

They admit they’ve made mistakes.

A couple of years ago, David confessed that over the years you make mistakes, but it’s just a part of having a relationship, a marriage, and responsibilities. You simply work through it.

They both put family first.

The couple has 4 children: Brooklyn (21), Romeo (17), Cruz (15), and Harper (8). Victoria shared that they are her and David’s priority.

The world-famous designer also opened up and explained that when it comes to family responsibilities, the couple is equal. When she’s away, David does the cooking, school preparations, etc. According to Victoria, she feels very lucky and her husband is quite present in the lives of their children.

As for you, what’s the most important thing about having a strong, successful marriage? We’d be happy to see your comments in the section below!

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