10 Beauty Life Hacks That Help Celebrities Always Look Stunning

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2 years ago

All of us have our own little beauty secrets and tricks we’ve used for many years, and celebrities are no different. In order to look amazing at red carpet events, they have their life hacks: some of them are practical, and some seem really strange.

We at Bright Side have searched through magazines and found out which life hacks help our favorite stars always look amazing.

Charlize Theron

At the 2019 Golden Globes, Charlize Theron amazed everyone with her incredible looks and gave away one of the secrets of her stunning skin. Attentive fans of the actress found traces of a popular cosmetic procedure — wrinkle laser correction.


In order to make her eyebrows always look great, the singer stylizes the hairs with regular soap. She learned this trick from her makeup artist. According to the singer, soap works better than any specific product and sticks the hairs to the skin.

Kaley Cuoco

At the 2021 Golden Globes, Kaley Cuoco was glowing. She used an LED light therapy mask. According to the manufacturers, using it makes the skin brighter, fresher, and younger.

Jennifer Aniston

In order for the lipstick to remain on the lips for several hours, Jennifer Aniston’s makeup artist uses a small life hack. After using 1 layer of lipstick, she puts thin paper on the lips and puts a layer of powdered lipstick on top of it.

Susan Sarandon

Susan Sarandon looks stunning at the age of 74. And the secret to her youth is simple. Her makeup artist, Tim Quinn, sculpts his client’s face with a small trick — putting on bronzer, starting from the forehead, going to the cheekbones and the lower part of the chin.

Jennifer Lopez

To make the lips appear bigger, Jennifer Lopez always increases the natural outline by 1-2 mm using pencils of natural colors.

Emma Stone

Emma Stone always carefully prepares for important events and doesn’t forget about moisturizing her skin and lips. She uses collagen and vitamin E patches.

Zoë Kravitz

Zoë Kravitz is an unusual woman, as is her approach to makeup. To achieve the effect of shining skin, the actress uses a simple rule: she always puts on the foundation on top of the highlighter.

Elizabeth Taylor

Elizabeth Taylor also had a lot of beauty secrets. One of them was that the movie star always took a bath after putting on makeup. The steam “sealed” the beauty products and created a wet skin effect. The actress also used a thin layer of foundation but kept her freckles visible.

Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga is a big fan of wigs. But artificial hair doesn’t only protect her hair from getting damaged — it also helps her change the look of her eyes. The singer said that she often uses tape to pull her skin in the necessary spots.

Do you have any beauty life hacks? Tell us about them in the comment section below!

Preview photo credit VALERIE MACON / AFP / East News


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