10 Celebrities Whose Hidden Talents Are Super Impressive

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Celebrities are always in the limelight, and we usually know what their talents and strengths are, whether it’s acting, singing, or performing. But it gets interesting when these stars give us a glimpse of their secret skills and hobbies. This is because we can learn something new about them, and we are reminded that even A-listers can have passions, just like these famous people who will surprise you with their off-screen talents.

1. Tom Holland is a ballet dancer and an acrobat.

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When Tom Holland auditioned for the role of Spider-Man, he tried to convince the producers that he was the perfect choice by somersaulting in and out of his audition video. He also said that for every tape he sent in, he showed off a few of his acrobatic skills. Not only did his gymnastic abilities help him get the role, but they also came in handy since Holland ended up doing most of the stunts himself.

His background in dancing helped with his acting as well. When he was a 10-year-old boy, he learned ballet and was criticized by others for it. But his training proved to be useful, and his knowledge of body movement helped him emote in different ways. “For instance, in the Spider-Man suit, you often can’t see his face. But I find a way to convey feeling anyway,” he explained.

2. Paris Hilton loves frog hunting.

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Getting down and dirty to catch amphibians is not something we would imagine a hotel heiress doing, but Paris Hilton is a woman of many surprises. She is against animal hunting, but there is one exception — frogs. The socialite and DJ admitted that she goes to either her ranch or her private island to catch these croakers. But afterward, she releases them back into the wild.

3. Keanu Reeves was a great hockey player in his younger years.

Before he became John Wick or Constantine, Keanu Reeves was known to his college peers as “The Wall” because of his excellent blocking skills as an ice hockey goalie. He received “Most Valuable Player” awards, and had the potential to be drafted into the National Hockey League (NHL) and the Canadian Olympic team.

But much like his character Neo, who had to choose between the blue and red pill, Reeves decided to choose his acting career over sports. However, he was able to show his athletic side when he played the role of a hockey player in the 1986 film, Youngblood.

4. Kesha creates crafts out of human teeth.

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In 2012, the singer/songwriter made a strange request to her fans — she asked them to send their teeth to her. And loyalty seems to be a strong suit of her fan base, as she received over 1,000 pearly whites. She mentioned in an interview, “I made it into a bra top, and a headdress, and earrings, and necklaces. I’ve worn it out!”

5. Harry Styles developed a passion for knitting.

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The stylish Styles (pun intended) can pull off any type of clothes, and it looks like he’s got the skills to make outfits too. Before One Direction disbanded, they went on a world tour, and the idle time reignited his interest in knitting. A source revealed that Styles did it a lot while they were on the road, and that he used it as a way to unwind after hearing fans scream all day.

6. Nicole Kidman enjoys indulging in crawly creatures.

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She is an award-winning actress, producer, wife, and mother, but perhaps we can add one more title under her belt — “bug connoisseur.” In one video, Nicole Kidman revealed that her secret talent is gorging on grubs. “2 billion people in the world eat bugs, and I’m one of them,” she proudly said before feasting on worms and insects. And in case you’re wondering, she described these bugs as fruity, exquisite, moist, and chewy.

7. Sir Rod Stewart built a model railway city.

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When he’s not performing onstage, the knighted music legend spends his time building a miniature and very intricate replica of a city, complete with establishments and railways. This project has taken him 20+ years to finish, and within that time span, he released 13 studio albums and completed 19 tours.

Photos of his work showed detailed buildings, bridges, ships, and streets with vintage cars and cabs. Sir Stewart also said that the structures and sceneries were his forte, but he needed help with the electrical part of the model.

8. Dwayne Johnson can rock a ukulele.

The former pro wrestler traces his roots back to his Polynesian heritage. He has always been proud of this culture, so when he saw an opportunity to showcase his ukulele-playing skills in his movie, Journey 2: The Mysterious Island, he made a suggestion to the director to incorporate it into a scene. And the musical genes definitely run in the Johnson family, as proven by this endearing video of The Rock’s mom playing the ukulele as well.

9. Elliot Page has pretty impressive juggling skills.

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When Conan O’Brien asked The Umbrella Academy actor what his other talents were, Elliot Page mentioned that he could juggle. O’Brien then put him on the spot with a bowl of fruits and potatoes, and luckily, Page was a good sport and quickly demonstrated his party trick. “I grew up on film sets, and you have a lot of free time, basically. So this is like the loneliness and sadness of a child,” Page jokingly quipped.

10. Emma Stone is a pro when it comes to pogo sticks.

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The La La Land star has been dubbed as “America’s Sweetheart,” and she just solidified her status after showing off her adorable pogo stick skills. Apparently, she did it as a kid until she was about 11 years old. And in this video, she teaches us how to hoist ourselves up on the pogo stick and bounce around in circles.

If you were to audition for a talent show, what kind of performance or skill would you show the judges? Do you have any hidden or strange talents?

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