10 Celebs Over 70 Who Have Captured Millions of Hearts for Decades

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Many of the most skilled celebrities have worked in the industry for years, with their talents allowing them to age gracefully in the public eye. Growing up, we’ve enjoyed watching them on our screens, and seeing them today makes us even happier.

We at Bright Side decided to take a look back at the most iconic celebs over 70 who have been capturing our hearts for a very long time.

1. Jane Fonda — 83 years old

2. Robert De Niro — 78 years old

3. Betty White — 99 years old

4. Alfredo James Pacino — 81 years old

5. Meryl Streep — 72 years old

6. William Shatner — 90 years old

7. Angela Lansbury — 95 years old

8. Donald Sutherland — 86 years old

9. Judi Dench — 86 years old

10. Clint Eastwood — 91 years old

Which celeb is your favorite on this list? Let us know in the comments!

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this moment when you have never seen some of these celebs in their younger age


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