10 Mistakes From “Titanic” That Only True Fans Can Spot

3 months ago

Almost 24 years after it premiered, Titanic is still a total hit. It’s almost as if time made it better. Today, the movie is a staple in the industry due to its multiple awards. But not even a production of such ambition is spared from making a few mistakes. That’s all thanks to their eagle-eyed fans who’ve managed to catch important oversights. But don’t worry, they won’t ruin the movie for you.

At Bright Side, we’ve taken on the task of uncovering a new list of mistakes that can be hard to spot, even for true fans of James Cameron.

1. The disappearing crowd

At the beginning of the movie, we can see thousands of people gathering to say goodbye to their loved ones and watch them depart on-board the Titanic. However, during the scene in which Jack and his friend Fabrizio, played by Danny Nucci, play cards to win their lucky tickets, we can catch a glimpse of the ship through the window, but not the crowd. Where did they all disappear to?

That, we don’t know, but the crowd is back on the dock when Jack and Fabrizio board the huge ship to embark on their new adventure.

2. The lake Jack mentions did not exist until 5 years later.

When Jack tries to dissuade Rose from jumping into the icy waters of the Atlantic, he mentions ice fishing in Lake Wissota. However, the lake he’s referring to is artificial and wasn’t created until 1917, while the Titanic sank in 1912. Something similar happens with the Santa Monica roller coaster that Jack promises to take Rose on, but it wasn’t built until 1916.

3. The bow of the ship changes.

As we’d find out later, the film set had quite a few logistical and design oversights. An example of that is how the bow changed in different scenes. It definitely doesn’t look quite the same when Leonardo DiCaprio’s character is excitedly watching the dolphins jump as it does in his and Rose’s iconic romantic moment on that same bow.

4. Rose’s nail length changes from scene to scene.

We know that the filming of the movie lasted several months, so it’s completely normal that Kate Winslet’s nails grew longer and changed in general. However, the movie explores a period of just a couple of days. In some scenes, we can see that her nails look short, and a little later, the length changes drastically.

5. Jack and the disappearing suspenders

The truth is that the scene in which Rose frees Jack from the handcuffs has many oversights. Among them is a very obvious continuity error. At one moment, we can clearly see Jack’s suspenders, and the next, when his beloved is about to release him, they’ve disappeared. The same thing happens several times in other scenes. Perhaps it would have been simpler not to include the suspenders in the costumes.

6. Jack’s hair combs itself.

Another strange oversight is Jack’s hairstyle in one of the scenes in third class. After his charming dance with little Cora, Jack returns to the table where Rose is waiting for him with his hair disheveled. However, we can see that right after, his hair is perfectly combed with several layers of gel and everything. Many of us would also like to have the superpower of styling our hair in seconds.

7. The drawing line is not the same.

The scene where Jack draws Rose melted people’s hearts, yes. And with emotions running high, it was probably difficult to notice there was a mistake in the drawing. The first line that Jack draws is quite thick, however, when we are shown the canvas again, there is no trace of it. The lines are much finer and the technique is quite polished.

8. The folder that disappears by magic

The drawing had another major continuity error. Cal, Rose’s fiancé, discovers the drawing in a brown folder. When he picks it up, he is completely enraged, and right then and there wants to tear it up. The funny thing is that the folder is gone, and all we see in Cal’s hand is the crumpled sheet of paper.

9. The cameraman’s reflection

In 1997, when the film was shot, technology was not as advanced as it is today, and filming a scene required several cameramen following the actors from different angles. One of them can be seen in the reflection of the glass of one of the doors of Titanic. Undoubtedly, this is an error that’s difficult to detect and edit without the programs we have today.

10. The smokestack also changes throughout the movie.

Like the railings and the bow, the smokestack also seems to take on a life of its own and transform. At the beginning of the film, the shape of the smokestack is different from what we see as the ship begins to sink. Remembering and preserving the exact details of the set must have been very complicated and likely cost a fortune.

Despite these mistakes, we can’t deny that Titanic is a great film that will always continue to move us. Tell us — what’s your favorite scene from the movie?

Leonardo DiCaprio’s remark on Kate Winslet’s physique during “Titanic” had a profound impact on her self-perception. Winslet, who faced bullying and tabloid scrutiny about her weight, was deeply affected by DiCaprio’s assertion that her natural shape was essential. This affirmation empowered Winslet to champion body positivity, further solidifying their bond and showcasing the depth of their platonic relationship.


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