10 Mistakes That Will Send Your Car Straight to Early Retirement

For many of us, a car is like another member of the family because we end up investing large amounts of money to keep it in the best mechanical and aesthetic condition. However, daily use and lack of information could lead you to make mistakes that could be easily avoided.

That’s why Bright Side compiled 10 things you should stop doing with your car if you want to keep it young and beautiful for longer.

1. Not paying attention to cleanliness

Cleanliness is essential for your car to always look good and, although it may seem logical, not everyone is aware of the details. On the outside, dust and humidity can ruin the vehicle’s paint, creating stains that will be very difficult to remove.

On the inside, uncleaned filters can make the air very dangerous to breath, with high levels of carbon dioxide and nitrogen oxide.

2. Ignoring windshield wipers

When washing the car, people often forget about the windshield wipers. These are of vital importance for good visibility, especially during the rainy season. Dirt and dust can accumulate in the wiper blades and even small stones that can scratch the glass, reducing the value and affecting the aesthetics of your car.

3. Overfilling the tank

Many people are still in the habit of putting lots of gas in their car, and even exceeding the limits recommended by the manufacturers. People usually do this to round up the amount of money we have to pay, but this habit is actually an expensive one, and it could also affect the environment and the aesthetics of your car if the gasoline spills and leaves traces on the paint.

4. Speeding over road bumps and potholes

Speed bumps and potholes are common on the roads, and it is also common to drive over them, as some are placed there for safety reasons. Doing so at high speeds will shake the car and your pockets as well. The balancing and alignment are not the only things at stake, the suspension, bodywork, wheels, and tires could also be affected. It is always best to slow down and pay attention to the road to avoid any unpleasant surprises.

5. Using water instead of antifreeze

Although water was used for many years as the main coolant in cars, antifreeze has several characteristics that make it a better product for this purpose. Antioxidant properties and a higher boiling point will enable the engine to maintain an ideal operating temperature.

6. Not checking under your car

Each part of our car is important, both those that are seen and those that are not. Excessive dust, water, salt, sand, among other things, can cause your car to begin to show premature wear on its underside.

Be sure to use special lubricants and protectors in this area that will help repel dust and moisture, thus protecting your 4-wheeled friend from corrosion and making the sensation of driving more pleasant.

7. Not protecting it from the weather

It is not always possible to keep a car indoors protected from UV rays, rain, or the rarely welcomed “gifts” from birds. It is advisable to use covers that allow air to pass through and protect the car from external agents. This will prevent stains on the paint and discoloration on the inside of your car, keeping it looking new for longer.

8. Using household glass cleaners to clean the windshields

Most household glass cleaners contain ammonia, and this chemical is harmful to different parts of the car. It is advisable to use products specifically designed for automobiles, as well as microfiber cloths that are only supposed to be used for this purpose. Finally, the use of distilled water will help you avoid the presence of minerals that can scratch the windows of your car.

9. Not using the car for a long time

In some circumstances, it is necessary to leave the car stationary for a period of time. Movement is important, just like for your body.

If you plan to go out and you know you won’t use your car for more than a month, the best thing to do is to leave someone you trust in charge to start the vehicle once a week. Just leave the engine running for 10-15 minutes. This will help lubricate the engine and recharge the battery. Don’t forget to check the tire pressure when you’re back.

10. Wanting to save money with an inexpensive battery

Sometimes, trying to save money on car maintenance can turn out to be more expensive. A very common example of that is the battery. People often think they can just buy the cheapest one, but it is recommended that you buy the proper one, that is backed up by a good brand. Even if they are a little more expensive, they will follow the exact recommendations from the manufacturer of your car.

Some aspects that you should take into account when choosing a battery are: the date of manufacture, the warranty, and the cold cranking amps and voltage.

How important is car care to you? How much time do you invest in making your vehicle look great and keep it in tip-top shape?

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