10 Movies About Love Where the Scripts Were Written by Life Itself (The Couple Who Made the Movie About Themselves Is Just Adorable)

4 years ago

When we watch movies about all-forgiving and all-consuming love, sometimes it’s really hard to believe that these events or feelings could take place in real life. However, love in the movies really does exist and is sometimes based on true stories.

Unfortunately, not all beautiful stories have a happy ending. But that doesn’t make them less fascinating.

At Bright Side, we put together a list of heartwarming movies about love which were inspired by life itself.

The Young Victoria, 2009

IMDb — 7.3

A year before she has to take the throne, 17-year-old Victoria meets the nephew of the Belgian king, Prince Albert. Despite her belief that the monarch has sent his protege to make his political influence stronger, Victoria falls for Albert at first sight. Their love turns out to be sincere and mutual. So the couple got married in 1840 and was happy together for more than 20 years when Albert died of an illness. This movie describes the period from when the relationship of the couple just started to the problems they had to cope with.

A Matador’s Mistress, 2008

IMDb — 5.7

This love story took place in the 1940s. Manuel Laureano Rodríguez Sánchez was the most popular and sought-after bullfighter whose fights attracted thousands of spectators. When he met and fell for the scandalous actress, Lupe Sino, his reputation got damaged. They said that she ruined Manolete’s talent, but in reality she was just worried that his job would kill him sooner or later. The bullfighter then has to choose between a peaceful life with his beloved and his profession.

It Could Happen to You, 1994

IMDb — 6.3

Charlie Lang’s wife is the kind of person who always thinks about money. At the same, Charlie, as a policeman, doesn’t have much, and one day he can’t even find a few bucks to leave a tip for a nice waitress. But Charlie has a lottery ticket in his pocket so he promises to the girl that if he wins he will give her half of it. Eventually, the policeman wins $4 million. It’s worth mentioning that the romance between the 2 main characters is an exaggeration for the sake of the story, but the promise to give away the half of the prize money was real.

The Big Sick, 2017

IMDb — 7.6

This movie was produced by the lovers themselves. They were inspired by the story of their own relationship and created a kind movie about the hindrances one needs to overcome on their way to happiness.

During one of his shows, a stand-up comedian Kumail Nanjiani meets young American, Emily Gordon and falls for her. But he comes from a traditional Pakistani family who wants him to marry a Muslim girl, and isn’t ready to consider any other alternatives. The girl’s family is also confused and Kumail has to find a way to approach them. Nevertheless, despite all the difficulties, the couples romance grows bigger and bigger.

Immortal Beloved, 1994

IMDb — 7.5

Ludwig van Beethoven dies and his lawyer encounters an unusual problem — the composer has left all of his fortune to a certain “immortal beloved.” So, Beethoven’s secretary Anton Schindler has to find out who this heiress is alongside the lawyer. Viewers see the composer’s most prominent love stories and meet the women who he thought inspired his music. The movie describes Beethoven’s inner conflicts and his true beloved muse.

The New World, 2005

IMDb — 6.8

This historical drama, based on captain John Smith’s books, describes how the first Indians of the east coast were conquered. The main characters are the chief’s favorite daughter, Pocahontas, and the ambitious John Smith whose fates intertwine and they fall in love with each other. Pocahontas chooses her lover and decides to live with the outlanders. However, John has to leave her soon to search for new land, and the princess’s life turns upside down again.

A Beautiful Mind, 2001

IMDb — 8.2

This is a biopic about John Forbes Nash Jr., an American mathematician and a Nobel prize winner in economics. While working on his games theory, Nash begins showing clear signs of paranoid schizophrenia accompanied by hallucinations. His disease progresses and threatens his work and his marriage. His wife Alicia is struck by this news, but she loves her husband too much to give up and she begins her fight for him.

Cleopatra, 1963

IMDb — 7.0

This movie won 4 Oscars and is called one of the most expensive and amazingly beautiful films about love. It tells us about the life of the Egyptian queen, Cleopatra, who will do anything for the greatness of her people. Still, the main storyline is about her love for the Roman general, Marc Antony. At one moment, their passion becomes greater than their countries and their honor, which eventually leads to the unpredictable consequences.

50 First Dates, 2004

IMDb — 6.8

Womanizer Henry Roth falls for Lucy Whitmore, a charming blonde. But it turns out that Lucy is sick with a rare form of amnesia — every morning she forgets what happened to her a day before. Henry doesn’t want to give up, and he meets her every day and wins her trust.

There is a theory that this movie is inspired by the story of Michelle Philpots who got amnesia after 2 car crashes in 1994. The difference is that she met her husband before her amnesia, so he didn’t have to win her heart every day. However, he does have to constantly remind her that they are married and to tell her the story of their life with the help of sticky notes.

Bright Star, 2009

IMDb — 7.0

This movie is about the English romantic poet John Keats. His life wasn’t easy and he lost his parents at the age of 15, which affected the quality of his life. His financial problems made him weak and sickly. The movie describes the last 3 years of the poet’s life when he realizes that he’s dying, but then he suddenly gets romantically involved with Fanny Brawne.

Do you know any other movies that are based on true love stories?


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Oh, I love movies based on real life :)

thanks for sharing the list. I have got some nice movies to watch with my girlfriend


It Could Happen to You is such a good movie. Good that you guys listed it here :)


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