10 Signs That You’ve Met Your Soul Mate

10 months ago

73% of Americans say that they have found their soul mate or they believe in the concept of soul mates, in general. As romantic as that sounds, some people are still skeptical. Sometimes you meet someone and it seems like they just get you! But does that make them your soul mate?

10. You respect each other’s weaknesses.

No one is perfect. We all have flaws and it’s not always possible to hide them. But your soulmate knows about them and will accept you with all your vulnerabilities. For your soulmate, these issues are just “perfect imperfections.” Someone throws socks on the floor and someone doesn’t turn off the light. Someone may be obsessed with order and organization while someone else may be a free spirit and believe that disorganization is a sign of creativity. It shouldn’t matter for 2 people who are in love. The most important thing is to strive to improve together!

9. You both feel comfortable in silence.

You should feel comfortable with each other. If you both feel good when you’re in each other’s company, even if in total silence, then that means you’re both on the same page. If you fear awkward silences, then this is a bad sign.

8. You are moving in the same direction.

True kindred spirits always have similar life goals. You both share many similar interests, beliefs, and common views on life. Your soul mate has the same value system as yours. When you tell this person about your hobby, it turns out that he’s also interested. You both can have the same favorite food or political preferences. After all, if your overall picture of the world looks the same, you’ll want to stay together.

7. You don’t try to suppress each other and you give your partner some space.

You share all of your news with your partner, and sometimes it even seems that you are synchronized. But at the same time, you don’t lose your individuality and respect the personality of your partner. It’s very important to spend time apart. And you understand that and aren’t afraid that it will lead to the collapse of the relationship. True soulmates teach each other something new. How will you teach your partner, for example, to draw, if absolutely everything is done together all of the time?

6. You were in the same place.

Inexplicable but it is a fact. You may call this a strange coincidence, but sometimes soul mates found themselves to be at the same place and at the same time without knowing about it. And they’ll only realize it after they meet. Is it possible that the 2 souls are attracted like magnets?

5. There’s almost no jealousy in your couple.

Happy couples and friends rarely experience crazy bouts of jealousy. You’ve found your soul mate if you feel safe in the relationship. Your trust is so strong that jealousy fades into the background. Moreover, you don’t give each other reasons to be jealous because neither of you wants to hurt the other.

4. You aren’t selfish toward your partner.

Relationships are about mutual respect. Egoistical behavior can kill even the strongest relationship. Soul mates are able to set their egos aside and accept that others have the right to make mistakes. You know that relationships are much more important than your own pride. If you do everything possible to please and to help your partner but they don’t do the same for you, then they’re most likely not your soul mate.

3. Hard times in your relationship only help you grow.

All people sooner or later quarrel. Someone because of unwashed dishes, and someone because of more serious matters. Many people want to escape at such moments and they separate, make peace, and sometimes even feel the need to separate again. But even during the separation, you still feel that you’re together because you’re energetically together. And this connection makes it clear to you: you’ve found your person. But for a happy future, both of you must change in a positive direction.

2. You aren’t afraid to discuss anything.

You’re always straightforward, even if it’s difficult. Who else if not your soul mate can open up your eyes to the truth? Your soul mate should feel comfortable telling you how they feel, what they think, and what they think should be done about it. Such a person will never deliberately and maliciously fool you.

1. You care about each other so much that you feel your partner’s pain as if it’s your own.

Nothing can connect 2 people more than pain. You will understand that you’ve met your soul mate if you are capable of powerful empathy. You share each other’s pain and you can sympathize. You share emotions and this is a good sign.

Do you believe that you’ve met your soul mate? Maybe you know of some other signs? Share with us in the comments section below!


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