10 Things That We Shouldn’t Let Other People Do to Us

2 years ago

The only one who can truly manage what’s happening in your life should be you and not someone else. Until we are adults, we depend on our families to help and support us, but once we reach adulthood, it’s important to make our own decisions. We can learn how to reduce the negative influence of those who do not wish us well and even protect ourselves from it by not allowing people’s thoughts and opinions invade our hearts and minds.

Bright Side thinks that you should feel in control of your life. Only you can decide what you should take with you and what you should leave behind today.

Never let people:

10. Drag you into senseless debates

Don’t waste your time trying to prove anything to a person that has already made up their mind and accepts only their own truth. Yes, there are people that try to understand you but they can’t. But there are also people who don’t want to understand. Is it worth wasting your time and effort?

We can say the same thing about people that just misunderstand you and don’t get you. The thing is, it’s not your problem. So leave it as it is. A series of won arguments is not a reason to be proud. The moments when you manage to keep silent and let the situation go are much more important.

9. Make you feel ashamed about your past

There are people that are always ready to remind you of your mistakes and past failures. But your past belongs to you and everything that happened is part of your life experience and you should never let anyone make you feel ashamed. No matter what your past holds, remember that no one can change it.

You open your heart up to a person, and they use it to drive you into a corner and assert themselves. Such people are harmful to our happiness. Everyone has their own secrets and past history. Don’t be afraid of being judged.

8. Deceive you

The more you try not to notice someone’s lies, the faster they will replace your reality. If you catch someone lying, don’t keep silent. Your patience will only make things worse and will allow the liar to feel that their deception is working. And that’s when people start lying constantly.

Don’t tolerate lies over and over again and don’t allow yourself to be manipulated by others.

7. Convince you that changes are bad

There are people who are afraid of changes. They don’t want to move on and get acquainted with anything new. So you should stay true to your opinion and try not to let others influence you. All in all, those people are controlled by uncertainty and fear.

Changes in life often have lots of advantages. We need them to feel alive and to move forward. And it’s sometimes the most difficult experiences that bring us to where we need and want to be.

6. Abandon your favorite hobbies

When you do something that is really important to you, you feel happy. If your hobby makes you smile and makes your happy, then you’re definitely heading in the right direction. Don’t let others stand between you and your happiness. If someone doesn’t share the same enthusiasm, it’s their problem and most definitely not something you should be concerned about.

Your ideas and thoughts belong to you. Keep going, develop your skills to reach your goals, and make all of your dreams come true.

5. Convince you that you need more

It’s very important to be grateful for what you have. If you demand impossible things of yourself and let people do the same, you let yourself down. Appreciate what you have. That’s where your happiness begins.

A constant desire for more is not usually a reason people like to give more. If you don’t complain and coerce as much, people would be more willing to give you more than if you were to constantly ask for more.

4. Convince you to take risks

It’s impossible to achieve anything without spending time and effort. Yes, there are people that manage to reach their goals easily. But those are exceptions to the rule. People have different approaches to different situations and act how they want to and how they see fit. Someone’s actions may not be how you would like to act and that’s perfectly normal.

Believing in yourself and your future is the beginning of your road to success.

3. Talk you out of putting in more effort

Sometimes when a goal is almost achieved, we come across certain difficulties that upset us. Caring people understand that this is when you need their support the most and they try to cheer you up, or even help you. But there are also those who can make you doubt yourself.

Be persistent. When we struggle through tough times, we become stronger. We should keep our ideas in mind and follow them. When you achieve your goals, you understand how precious this experience is. Don’t let the opinions of others influence your future. Remember that starting out is the most difficult part, but that’s how great and important things come to be.

2. Keep you from chasing your dreams

As we’ve already said, valuable things don’t come that easy. The path to success is often paved with lots of challenges such as criticism, disapproval, and bad reviews. And it can defeat us. Especially when our friends and relatives don’t believe in us.

In the beginning, everyone faces criticism and other difficulties. But such challenges make us stronger. If you really know what you want, follow your dream no matter what happens.

1. Choose your friends

Such situations happen when bad people try to affect your relationship with good people. Don’t let such people estrange you from those who appreciate your friendship. Be with those whose presence adds color and richness to your life.

Leave all malevolent people behind and don’t regret it. This is necessary because that’s the way people who wish you happiness stay with you.

Tell us what boundaries you have that you wouldn’t let anyone cross. How do you usually understand that it’s time to break off a friendship or relationship when someone’s not treating you right?


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I've let "people" run me down about my choice of friends, All my life. NOT ANYMORE! my life, my past, my friends! It's so much better now.


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