10 Things Vets Want Every Pet Owner to Know

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Many of us wanted to become vets when we were kids. But now we’re all grown up and this dream has not come true for all of us. And it’s probably for the best. All in all, this job isn’t easy since pet doctors have to face pain and suffering every day. But the best award for those who devote their lives to treating animals is the understanding that they’ve saved one’s life.

Bright Side has looked through some vets’ blogs and as it turns out, there are many interesting facts that we think all pet owners should be aware of.

It’s complicated to collect the anamnesis and not just because the patients can’t speak.

Of course, a cat or a dog can’t tell a doctor what’s bothering it. All visible symptoms have to be described by the owner. But it’s really crucial to answer all the questions honestly. For example, have you already given any pills to your pet? Have you failed to give an already prescribed medicine?

Veterinarians say that they wouldn’t criticize you. Your honesty is the main thing that can help the doctor to treat your pet.

Pit bulls and Rottweilers aren’t the most dangerous patients.

Vets are often asked if they’re afraid of big fighting dogs that they have to treat. But as it turns out, huge dogs aren’t the most dangerous patients. According to a study, Chihuahuas and other tiny dogs bite vets most. And, interestingly enough, men get bitten more often than women.

Cats are also on the list of dangerous patients: they don’t usually bite, but they do leave deep scratches.

Vets don’t solve behavioral problems.

If your dog bites or your cat scratches people’s hands all the time, a vet can’t solve this issue. The only exception is if it’s a situation where the behavior has occurred only recently, and there are symptoms such as food refusal or that indicate disease.

If your pet is always aggressive, you have to turn to a cynologist or a zoopsychologist, an expert who deals with behavioral problems.

You don’t need to buy vitamins if your pet’s diet is balanced.

Premium foods already contain all the necessary vitamins and minerals, so there’s no need to buy additional food supplements.

If you cook your pet’s food on your own, it’s better to give it vitamins, of course, after you consult a vet. An expert can help you choose the vitamins that your pet really needs.

Be careful with raw meat.

As a rule, people who don’t consult experts make lots of mistakes. Giving your cat or dog raw meat is one of them. Such food is really dangerous. First, raw meat can’t supply an animal with all the necessary vitamins and minerals it needs. Second, if you used to feed your pet with dry food, switching to raw food may cause dysbacteriosis or diarrhea.

Consult a vet. They can help you make up a good diet and advise on how to switch to a different menu correctly.

Don’t give your pet human medicine.

Don’t forget to hide them so that your cat or dog can’t find and swallow them on their own. Some painkillers such as Naproxen are toxic and extremely dangerous for animals. Cough and sinus medications can have a bad effect on your dog’s heart rate. Fat-soluble vitamins A, D, and E are also toxic to dogs and cats.

In some cases, vets recommend giving animals human meds. Like for example, cancer medicines or antidepressants. Anyway, you should keep in mind that it’s an expert’s prescription that matters. Don’t give your pet a human pill if you think it may help but haven’t been told to do so.

Retractable leashes are dangerous in most cases.

Such leashes are popular since they allow dogs to run. A dog can sniff everything it wants, meet other dogs, and decide where to go. All in all, all pet owners want their pets to feel comfy. But in fact, everything isn’t that good.

Retractable leashes can hurt animals: vets say that spinal injuries caused by leash pressure are relatively common. Pets sometimes get injured while fighting with other dogs if their leashes are too long, and their owners fail to react quickly enough.

You may use a retractable leash if your pet is old enough, well-educated, and calm. If your dog is hyperactive or it’s a puppy, it’s better not to buy such leashes.

Pet owners often turn to vets when it’s too late.

What would you do if you noticed something was wrong with your pet? Apparently, you’d start searching for answers on the Internet. But in some cases, time is really precious, and you have to go to the vet as soon as possible. Vets sometimes fail to save an animal when it arrives at the veterinary clinic too late.

Animal euthanasia is a really tough decision, but sometimes it’s the best option.

Animal euthanasia is a really difficult and painful decision for both the owner and the vet to make. It’s impossible to find a suitable moment: it always seems that you can wait one more day or try different pills. You’d blame yourself anyway.

But if your pet is suffering from an incurable disease and surgery and meds don’t help, it’s better to set your animal free from its pain and suffering.

It’s not just a job.

Vets choose their job not because of money, but because they really do adore your pets. They’d love to cuddle and take pictures of them if it didn’t look strange and they didn’t have other patients waiting for their help.

Vets remember all their patients. They think about them after work, watch small kittens and puppies turn into adult animals, and get excited if a treatment works. And they’d love to meet your pets only on pleasant occasions. For example, during an annual vaccination.

Many vets have their own pets and they know what you feel when you come into their office. And they’d do everything they could to help your pet.

Do you follow all vets’ recommendations? Tell us about your experience down below.

Please note: This article was updated in June 2022 to correct source material and factual inaccuracies.


This really misrepresents raw feeding which, when done correctly, can be beneficial to dogs, cats and other animals. Way more so than kibble. Often vets dislike raw feeding because they are sponsored by kibble brands. Really lazy article
Most of the owners do the same with their pets as they would do with themselves.. If something is wrong or hurts, they just google, instead of going to a doctor.. I'm not sure how to even call this, maybe simple laziness?

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