11 Everyday Habits It’s Time We Ditch Because They Are Useless

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8 months ago

There are quite a lot of life hacks that supposedly make laundry and cleaning easier. We learn about some tricks from our mothers and grandmothers, and others from social networks. Except that many of these tips are not really that effective. Moreover, even household habits that we have been following for years may turn out to be useless.

Cleaning everything with a mixture of baking soda and vinegar

Baking soda and vinegar are often used separately to remove different dirt. Baking soda is good for grease and vinegar is good for cleaning sinks after using hard water. Many people think that if you mix these two ingredients, you will get a universal super remedy. But baking soda and vinegar do not work together.

As a result of a chemical reaction, their mixture loses its effectiveness. It is useful only at the moment when it is still bubbling. As soon as this process ends, the mixture turns into a liquid that will not cope with stains.

Mixing several cleaning agents

Some people try to enhance the effect of unclogging drains by mixing baking soda and vinegar with other products, such as those designed for this purpose. However, this is not advisable, as the chemicals in them may react unpredictably. It is better to use one product according to the instructions, and if it does not work, call a plumber.

Soaking clothes in water and salt

Women's hands wash clothes / Laboko

It is believed that soaking clothes in water with salt before washing will prevent them from fading. Salt is indeed added when dyeing fabrics to fix the color. But it is too late to do it at home and there is no point in using water with salt. If clothes lose color, it means that they have not been properly treated in the production process.

Flushing the toilet with baking soda

Sometimes it is suggested to use improvised means for cleaning, which supposedly work no worse, if not better than specialized ones. For example, it is believed that soda will clean the toilet bowl thanks to its bubbles.

However, the sugar contained in it can become a real magnet for germs. It is therefore worth using products specially designed for toilet bowl cleaning and disinfection.

Removing ink stains with hairspray

Black ink splatter / Nicemonkey

Another trick that some people use to remove ink stains is to process them with hairspray. The idea behind this method is that alcohol can dissolve ink. However, alcohol was once more common in hairsprays, but now it is used less or not at all.

A more reliable option is to use rubbing alcohol. But it is not suitable for all fabrics. It should be avoided on delicate and synthetic materials (such as wool and silk).

Applying the cleaning agent to the carpet right away

Wash the carpet / victoshafoto, Cleaning Stain in Carpet / tab62

As soon as we accidentally spill something on the carpet, we try to get rid of the stain immediately and quickly wet it with water and apply a cleaning agent. But this haste will only make things worse: the extra moisture will spoil the carpet fibers and can lead to odor and mold. It is better to gently blot the stain, spray it with cleaner and blot it again.

Using bleach to clean the joints between tiles

Removing mold and mildew from tile joints in the bathroom by woman hand in pink protective gloves and spray, copyspace / natali.maliarchuk

Some people consider bleach to be a universal cleaning agent, but it is not always suitable for cleaning. For example, it should not be used to clean the joints between tiles. Over time, bleach corrodes the joints and leaves a film that attracts more dirt.

Washing the floors with washing powder

House cleaning / flas100

Some people don’t like to fill their cupboards with different cleaning products and use the same ones for different purposes. For example, they clean their floors with washing powder. But it is too alkaline, so it can damage the floor. In addition, an ordinary bucket will not hold enough water to properly dilute the powder. That is why it can leave streaks on the floor after cleaning.

Cleaning up after pets using products with ammonia

Young border collie in a living room / Judithdz

Sometimes pets forget about good manners and mark furniture and carpets at home. To remove the stain and get rid of the unpleasant odor, many people use products with ammonia. However, its odor can confuse the pet, causing it to mark the same spot again. Therefore, it is recommended to use special enzyme cleaners instead of this substance.

Vacuuming in one direction

Some people think that carpets should be vacuumed in one direction only. But this makes cleaning ineffective because dust and dirt can remain in the carpet fibers. To clean them thoroughly, you should move the vacuum cleaner back and forth and from side to side.

Using hot water for cleaning

Cleaning a kitchen / photographee.eu

Many people think that it is important to dilute cleaning products in hot water and wash surfaces with it, because it kills germs. But in fact, hot water reduces the effectiveness of some products. It is worth looking closely at the manufacturer’s instructions on the packaging. It may be explicitly written that it is better to use the product with cold water.

Craving for more hacks? Please check the ones that can save your life one day in this article.

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