11 Illustrations That Show What the Life of Short Girls Is All About

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Sometimes it’s difficult for short people to adjust to a world that is made mostly for people who are a medium height. Short girls are nice and charming, but do they really like themselves the way they are? Oftentimes short girls are mistaken for kids, and picking out an outfit in a shop can become an uphill task for them.

The harsh reality is that the expectations we have when going shopping are often unrealistic.

It’s difficult to get rid of some complexes, even in adulthood.

We realize that not all conversations happen on an equal footing.

We have to get creative and be prepared for entertainment events in advance...

...and there’s no way to prepare for all of them.

It’s not always flattering when people around us think we’re younger than we are. Explaining we are not underage doesn’t always work.

For example, when everyone thinks your boyfriend is much older than you, even though you are the same age.

But feelings can’t be orchestrated and being the same height doesn’t matter, after all.

The good thing is that pleasant situations happen when we are not even looking for them. That’s when our height works out in our favor.

And even though we can’t always manage to deal with every little obstacle by ourselves...

... oftentimes we get help at moments when we least expect it.

Have you ever gotten into funny situations because of your height? We would be glad to hear from you in the comments!

Please note: This article was updated in December 2022 to correct source material and factual inaccuracies.


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I love telling my gf (who is 1.69m tall) that she is short, I am 183cm so for me she is small ?


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