11 Scientific Discoveries That May Change the World Soon

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Thanks to thousands of scientists from very different fields our world is coming closer and closer to the sci-fi future that we see in the movies. They never stop amazing us when they report having done a successful head transplant surgery or sending a Tesla car into orbit.

The past several years have been a true breakthrough for all of us. And this is why Bright Side has made a list with some of the most important scientific discoveries.

11. Scientists helped a disabled person start walking again.

A group of neurophysiologists managed to do the almost impossible: give a paralyzed person the ability to walk again. Now, thanks to electric stimulation, even if the damage is really serious, it’s possible to help people move again.

According to the neurophysiologists, the partial rehabilitation of this patient took 43 weeks. At the moment, the individual can stand and walk on a treadmill.

10. The first color X-ray in history

Scientists made the first 3D color X-ray in history. The new device was made based on the traditional black and white X-ray machine using particle-tracking technology called Medipix.

Medipix works like a camera at the subatomic level. As a result, it gives us high-contrast images. On color X-rays, you can clearly see the difference between muscles, bones, and cartilage, including the size and positioning of tumors.

9. Ophthalmologists invented eye drops that restore the eye cornea.

Can you imagine that very soon glasses for eyesight correction won’t be necessary anymore and their job will be done by regular eye drops? This is what a group of ophthalmologists is working on. Scientists have already tested the drops on pigs and the results were amazing. The drops are effective at fighting near and far-sightedness. And according to the scientists, these drops can completely replace glasses.

8. Zhengzhou policemen now have smart glasses with face recognition technology.

At the beginning of 2018, policemen in Zhengzhou were given smart GLXSS glasses that have a facial recognition system. They can take photos, record video in HD quality, and also show information on the lenses thanks to AR technology.

7. “Self-parking” slippers from Nissan

Finally, the problem of constantly losing your slippers can be forgotten because Nissan has come up with slippers on wheels. The slippers have engines and sensors based on ProPilot technology. Thanks to this technology, these slippers can return to a predetermined spot.

6. A flying taxi was successfully tested.

The EHang AAV looks like a drone but it can do much more. It can transport up to 220 kg, it can fly up to 35 km with a full charge, and it can go as fast as 130 km/h. But the best thing about EHang AAV is the fact that it can work autonomously. The developers think that the commercial version of the taxi will work on autopilot. The passenger will only have to show the final point of the destination.

Soon, this flying taxi will allow us to avoid huge traffic jams in big cities.

5. An exoskeleton controlled by the mind

The engineers at École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL) created a prototype of a hand exoskeleton that can be controlled with the mind. The electrodes are located on a special headset. The exoskeleton is easy to control and can be set up within several minutes. The device has already been tested by people who have spinal cord injuries or a stroke. Now, the engineers are improving the exoskeleton in order to make it good enough for assistive purposes, performing tasks at home, and rehabilitation.

4. Astronomers found an object called Oumuamua in our solar system.

2017 challenged science many times. In Hawaii, astronomers found a unique asteroid that is not part of our solar system. It means that it originated somewhere far out in galactic space. It’s the first of its kind to be found.

3. Scientists cloned a monkey.

The successful cloning experiment happened when molecular biologists managed to grow 2 clones of the same monkey. Born from a surrogate mother, these monkeys have the same DNA.

2. Scientists will find a cure for oncological diseases soon.

Modern medical experts are on the way to making people forget the word “cancer.” Of course, it may be impossible to cure cancer completely, but it might become as easy as treating a cold.

In 2017, several ways of fighting cancer cells have been tested but one of the most progressive treatments was for cervical cancer. The experiment resulted in 87% of the cancer cells being destroyed in 3 days.

1. The first successful head transplant surgery

You will probably agree that this piece of news sounds like it was told by someone who returned from the future. But the future is actually now. This is what scientists are trying to prove.

Surgeons performed the first head transplant from one corpse to another. The surgery took 18 hours and resulted in the successful connection of the spinal cord, nerves, and blood vessels.

Which of these scientific discoveries do you think will make the world better? Share your opinion in the comment section below.

Please note: This article was updated in April 2022 to correct source material and factual inaccuracies.


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