11 Simple Life Hacks You Need to Try to See How Perfect They Are

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6 months ago

If you were searching for life hacks that are not just simple but super effective, here they are. Facing small challenges every day can be tedious. But if we know ways to solve them, we don’t need to worry. No more lost earrings, dirty hands after Doritos, or noisy splashes in the bathroom at your boyfriend’s place.

1. Separate glasses without scratches

Glasses can stick together when you put one inside another. When you try to pull one out it can sometimes leave a scratch.

If you can’t get the glasses separated, the simple solution is to pour cold water into the upper glass, and place the lower one above a bowl with very hot water. The steam will help to separate the glasses easily.

2. A plastic bottle for a clogged toilet

A small disaster! The toilet is clogged and nothing will help. There is an old and very simple life hack that will save your money and nerves.

Take a large plastic bottle. Cut off its bottom. Now put on gloves and pump the blockage through the pipe. It works just great.

3. Paper clip or hairpin your tape

We bet that at least once in your life you struggled to find the end of the tape. This hack will stop this agony.

Take a hairpin or a paperclip and fix it on the end of the tape. Now your life has become a little bit easier.

4. Pouring liquid

If you still take this cover off from the top of your bottle of oil, we suggest you stop. Just take a fork or a toothpick and make some small holes.

It will help you to pour the oil more smoothly.

5. Cooling your drink quickly

If you want your drink to get cold fast, this hack is for you. Wrap your drink with a wet napkin or paper towel and put it in the fridge. Leave it for 15 minutes.

This hack will save your time and make your drink cold faster.

6. Use chopsticks for chips.

Have you ever had dirty, salty hands after eating chips. Yuck! It is time to end this mess. Use chopsticks instead of your hands.

First of all, your eating process will slow down, second, your hands will stay clean!

7. Put a stocking over the end of your vacuum cleaner to help you find a tiny item.

It is so annoying when you lose a tiny earing or a favorite mini-pendant, but it is so tiny that it’s impossible to find.

Take a vacuum cleaner and put a stocking on top of it. It does help, especially when small objects roll under the bed.

8. Remove candle wax from your furniture with ice cubes.

Romance is great, but not when it leaves wax marks on your table. The good news is that we can get of rid of this easily with this hack.

Take an ice cube and leave it on the spot for a while. The wax will peel off easily.

9. Carry lotions and cosmetics in a contact lens case when traveling.

If you are too lazy to carry all of your cosmetics with you while traveling, we can’t blame you. And if you don’t have those special small bottles, no problem!

Just use a contact lens case. It will save lots of space in your bag.

10. Don’t buy a new painting to redecorate your house. Use an old canvas to make something new.

We all get tired sometimes of old decorations. Don’t spend money to buy a new one! Take an old canvas and paint something new on it by yourself. It can be abstract or just whatever you’re feeling at the moment.

It works as both an art therapy and a redecoration!

11. Toilet paper over the bowl

If we are in a restroom in a restaurant or at our boyfriend’s place, sometimes we feel shy about making too much noise.

Just put toilet paper over the bowl. It will protect you from the splashes and help muffle the sound. But don’t overuse it! There’s no need to put a lot, overwise you can clog the pipe.

Which hacks did you like the most? Do you have any secrets that you use every day to make your life easier? Please share them with us in the comments below!


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#7 is something that will be very useful for me. I lose a lot of tiny pieces of jewellery, and don't know how to find them after


I need to remember this putting paper at the bottom.. handy tip! ??


candle wax trick will useful during the Christmas reason. I love candles but I always manage to pour wax somewhere and then I dont know how to get rid of it


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