20 Inventions That Will Blow Your Mind

2 years ago

Here are 20 marvellous inventions that are simply superb in their simplicity and ability to solve those annoying little problems we all come up against.

This collection of containers for spices and cooking oil

The corkscrew pineapple cutter

The ’jelly’ cloth for cleaning hard-to-reach places

The USB stick that tells you how much free space you have on it

The two-bladed pizza knife

The slippers with LEDs

The bike that is also a stroller

The jig-saw dining tray

The drinking cup that gathers any spills

The flower pot that never falls over

The public bench that is always dry

The phone charger powered by your drink

The hair brush you can clean real quick

’Niceballs’ are stress relieving balls that you can attach to the bottom of your desk and squeeze at work

The bedside table with a dining tray

The chopping board with built-in scales

Storage boxes with timers

The keyboard for your smartphone

The boiling pod

The candle that can be used again and again

Bonus: Bright toilet design

Preview photo credit guiadkn


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