15 Times Kids Made Adults Laugh Like Crazy

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2 years ago

Sometimes all that’s needed to spice up your life is a kid. These little creatures always think outside the box. At some point, they might get so creative we can’t help but laugh ourselves into stitches. Even if you aren’t a parent, you still might be lucky to get the best laugh of your life.

Bright Side invites you to take a look at how weird and funny kids can be.

1. Went to take a picture of my girlfriend when suddenly...

2. My younger cousin walked over to me and said he got new earrings.

3. My 2-year-old lined up his cars for the big race.

4. We were playing hide and seek...

5. From a book I wrote in 1st grade.

6. Found this banana.

7. My son asked if the water in his cup from the Mexican restaurant was “Mexican water.”

8. Guess there’s no need to cook for Sunday.

9. I know y’all have heard of pineapple on pizza. What has my child done?

10. My 6-year-old made this stick person and I die every time I look at it.

11. He asked me for a straw for his orange juice. Minutes later I remembered we didn’t have OJ and went back to see this...

12. My little girl made this for me.

13. She wanted to feed the toilet.

14. My daughter just ran to me and said, “It’s spicy” after eating this.

15. I love when the evening light brings the bite marks out in our sofa....

What was the weirdest thing you witnessed a kid do? What was your reaction?


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no 15, l'm 61 and l've never seen that one before and have no idea how that one would happen.


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