15 Chameleon-Like Moments That Can Make You Rub Your Eyes

2 years ago

Chameleons change their color and masterfully blend in with their background to protect themselves from predators. The pictures we chose for this compilation were taken by people who don’t need to escape from anything, but they mastered the art of camouflage better than chameleons. And some of these pictures made us look at them at least twice to find the objects that were accidentally hidden there.

We at Bright Side love people who have an eagle eye and attention to detail. And we gathered 15 pictures shared by people who managed to notice the unusual in seemingly ordinary things.

1. “We keep tripping over her.”

2. “I was looking for my shaving bag for 10 minutes.”

3. “My face mask dried unevenly and matches my sweatshirt.”

4. “Our old doggy daycare posted this one.”

5. “Dropped my wooden guitar pick on wood floors.”

6. “Got a comfy rug for my dog.”

7. “What shoes?”

8. “My doggo, Teddy, matches his favorite chair.”

9. “It took me a good 5 minutes to find her.”

10. “My friend’s outfit matched my coffee cup exactly today.”

11. “I found candles that matched my nails.”

12. “My mac and cheese flavor dust consists of 2 different colors, and they match the box discoloration.”

13. “I match the bathroom.”

14. “My nail color matches the glaze on this ceramic donut.”

15. “There’s some toothpaste there.”

Have you ever noticed things that perfectly blended in with their surroundings?


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