18 Animals Who Discovered Their Inner Zen

2 years ago

Just like us, animals need time for themselves to find their inner peace. This creates sweet moments as they take a nap in your palm or crash on their favorite hammock. Their lovability increases 1000% when we catch a group of puppies napping together or a dog taking a moment to smell the flowers. Thankfully, these moments were captured on camera so that we can also enjoy them.

At Bright Side, we value peace and happiness, so we’re sharing some like-minded animals to remind ourselves that we all need to zen out sometimes.

1. Enjoying a quiet morning alone

2. “He’s lost in the moment.”

3. This lizard taking a little nap

4. These dogs were given a spa night.

5. This little guy soaking in the sunshine

6. “Zen beagle — I need to get him out on the boat again.”

7. This family enjoying a long nap together

8. “Somehow she turned her favorite chair into a hammock while I was gone for lunch.”

9. “Sometimes you just need to stop and smell the flowers.”

10. Chilling out from his viewpoint

11. “A level of relaxation we should all aspire to achieve”

12. This cat doing its daily yoga routine

13. “The moment she found her inner happiness”

14. “Enjoying a little nap after her meal”

15. This frog who found a quiet place to snooze

16. “Pom in paradise”

17. “A gecko chilling out on the water’s surface tension of my fish tank”

18. “He found his quiet place.”

Do you have a self-care routine for your pet? Do you have a particularly lazy or quiet pet at home? We’re waiting to hear all about them!


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