12 Paintings That Perfectly Illustrate the Crazy World We Live In

2 years ago

In the view of Waldemar Kazak, an artist from Russia, the first task of all art is to make a strong impression on people. All those who have ever seen his illustrations find them to be shocking in one way or another. Kazak himself argues that his work is satirical, depicting ordinary life with a slightly comical bent. He admits that in some way his art is also a form of defence against a ’predatory outside world.’

We highly recommend taking a look at the following selection of witty and topical paintings by this talented artist.

We’re all robots

On the subway

A modern cemetery

Robin Hood’s arrows

Modern journalism


Doesn’t look edible...

Catwomen and her boyfriend at home

Heart’s shop

Preview photo credit Waldemar Kazak


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Boring, juvenile "Makes you think"ism that's trying REALLY hard to provoke the same kind of social commentary seen in Pink Floyd's The Wall, but fails because it makes lazy observations of the world that you can get from any 15-year-old (or any adult that never mentally or emotionally matured past 15).


Well for one thing, she’s doing HIS laundry while he’s trying to shoot an apple that’s on her a** and she’s not even protesting


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