12 Celebrity Couples Whose Major Age Gap Has No Power Over Their Love

4 years ago

Our romantic relationships are often dictated by age. Psychologists suggest that people react negatively to couples with big age differences and think that someone is being taken advantage of. Still, there are numerous partners that prove you don’t need to be ashamed of who you love. We are especially inspired by many celebrity pairings who overcame this stigma and put their feelings first.

We at Bright Side want to celebrate these famous couples that don’t let age control their personal lives.

1. Aaron Taylor-Johnson and Samantha Taylor-Wood

Age gap: 23 years.

Married since: 2012.

18-year-old actor Aaron Taylor-Johnson fell for his 42-year-old director Sam Taylor-Wood back in 2008 when working on the film Nowhere Boy together. Within a year, the couple was engaged and married in 2012.

They have 2 daughters: Wylda Rae (b. 2010) and Romy Hero (b. 2012). Aaron is also a dedicated stepfather to Sam’s 2 other daughters from her previous marriage.

2. Richard Gere and Alejandra Silva

Age gap: 34 years

Married since: 2018.

Both Gere and Silva were married to other people when their relationship started in 2014. But their relationship wasn’t an affair — they were both separated from their spouses. By 2018, Richard and Alejandra were married. In 2019, the couple welcomed their first son and later that year announced that they were expecting a second child.

3. Alec Baldwin and Hilaria Thomas

Age gap: 26 years.

Married since: 2012.

Alec Baldwin had his heart stolen by the stunning yoga instructor, Hilaria Thomas, in 2011. Less than a year later, they were happily married and started building their family.

Alec and Hilaria have 4 children together and don’t want to stop there. The couple is determined to have a fifth kid, even despite going through 2 miscarriages so far.

4. Dennis Quaid and Laura Savoie

Age gap: 39 years.

Together since: 2018.

Dennis Quaid struck a goldmine with his girlfriend. Laura Savoie is strikingly beautiful, but don’t get fooled by her looks. Savoie is getting her PhD in Philosophy and, before that, she graduated as Valedictorian at her previous university. The couple met at a business event in 2018 and Quaid fell for Laura so fast, he proposed within a few months of dating her.

5. Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds

Age gap: 11 years.

Married since: 2012.

Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively caught feelings the usual Hollywood way — while working on a movie together. The 2 met in 2010 during the filming of Green Lantern, and started dating shortly after.

In 2012 they tied the knot and have 3 girls together: James (b. 2014), Inez (b. 2016), and a third daughter (b. 2019, name unknown).

6. Katharine McPhee and David Foster

Age gap: 34 years.

Married since: 2019.

Katharine McPhee fell for musician-turned-producer David Foster in 2006 during her run on American Idol. By 2015, David was divorced, and in 2017, he and McPhee publicly came out as a couple.

Despite their big age difference, Katharine feels confident in their relationship as his children, including Gigi and Bella Hadid, happily accept her. The couple married in 2019 in London.

7. Chris Pratt and Katherine Schwarzenegger

Age gap: 10 years.

Married since: 2019.

It came as a shock when Chris Pratt divorced Anna Faris in 2018 after 9 years of marriage. But now that we see him with Katherine Schwarzenegger, we know they were meant to be together.

Pratt worships his socialite girlfriend and gets along with her famous father splendidly. The couple got married exactly one year after making their relationship public.

8. George Clooney and Amal Alamuddin

Age gap: 17 years.

Married since: 2014.

Human rights lawyer Amal Alamuddin did the impossible — turned notorious bachelor George Clooney into an honest man. The famous actor swore off marriage after his first one failed in the early ’90s, but all he needed was a woman like Amal to change his mind. Clooney and Alamuddin married in 2014 and welcomed their twins, Ella and Alexander, in 2017.

9. Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas

Age gap: 10 years.

Married since: 2018.

For Nick Jonas, Priyanka Chopra is a dream woman. In late 2016, he made a move on Twitter, but had to wait all the way until the 2017 Oscars party to meet Chopra in person. Jonas’ adoration swept the Indian actress off of her feet so much that they were already attending the MET Gala in May together.

Flash forward to December, 2018, Nick’s dream came true and the couple got married in a spectacular ceremony in India.

10. Rosie Huntington-Whiteley and Jason Statham

Age gap: 20 years.

Together since: 2010.

It may come to a surprise to some that Rosie Huntington-Whiteley and Jason Statham have been together for over a decade now since they keep their relationship low-key.

The stunning model and action star even have a son together (b. 2017), but they’re still not married. Granted, Statham proposed to his beloved in 2016, but we’re still waiting on the wedding date.

11. Bruce Willis and Emma Heming

Age gap: 23 years.

Married since: 2009.

After his public marriage to Demi Moore in the ’90s, Bruce Willis is not into letting other people into his personal life. The Die Hard star met his second wife, Emma Heming, while filming Perfect Strangers in 2006.

After a few years of dating, they quietly got married and welcomed 2 daughters: Mabel (b. 2012) and Evelyn (b. 2014).

12. Dick Van Dyke and Arlene Silver

Age gap: 46 years.

Married since: 2012.

Happy-go-lucky Mary Poppins star Dick Van Dyke is still living his best life in his mid-90s and proves that it’s never too late to find love. In 2009, Van Dyke lost his wife of 33 years to cancer, but had the strength to move on. He met makeup artist Arlene Silver in 2006, but they didn’t start dating until 2011 and got married a year later. The actor was 87 years old at the time.

How do you feel about big age gaps in relationships? Did any of these couples surprise you?


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Happens in real life too. Especially in countries where girls as young as 12 are forced to marry adult men


My ex husband and I had 14 years apart. Age is no excuse to stop loving someone though.


I'm so glad I read this. I've always taught love has certain boundaries but it definitely doesn't!


My family has always considered marrying people that are a lot older than you is creepy and weird, but they assume that people marry older people do it for their (the older person's) money, but in reality I suppose that is not always the case.


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