12 Psychological Thrillers That You Can’t Miss

2 years ago

Every year, there are thousands of new movies released and there is no way you can watch all of them. This is why we learned to use ratings and descriptions in order to not waste 2 hours of our precious time. But some films made such a huge impression, that even after the credits roll, you still can’t stop thinking about it. Movies like this are totally worth the time.

We at Bright Side have found the films that will definitely give you the chills. Here’s the list:

1. Angel of Mine, 2019

This is an Australian remake of the 2008 French film L’empreinte de l’ange. The main character Lizzie lost her newborn daughter several years ago. Even though she tried to deal with her grief, she failed. She divorces her husband and becomes very reserved. But at one point, she meets 7-year-old Lola and recognizes her daughter in her, who survived and grew up. From this moment, you are in for a lot of tension and a great atmosphere because Lizzie is not going to lose her daughter again.

2. Swallow, 2019

Everything about Hunter’s life was great: she had friends, a wealthy loving husband, and she felt good as an owner of a big house. The only thing she wanted to have was a baby. And then when Hunter finally got pregnant, some very disturbing things started to happen. She becomes obsessed with swallowing inedible things. And nobody can help her: it seems that something dark is controlling her.

3. A Quiet Place Part II, 2020

This is not just another survival story in a post-apocalyptic world, but a very deep thriller. The Abbott family from the first film continues to fight for their lives. Let’s refresh: the world is full of terrible monsters that react to noise, so the family created a sign language they use to communicate and understand each other. But we know that it is impossible to force children to keep quiet, so the monsters find out their location. In the new film, the family has to travel and deal with all the horrors of the world.

4. The Mustang, 2019

Roman Coleman becomes the participant of a program involving the training of wild mustangs. At first, he just cleans up after the horses, but then he starts to train them. And it all goes well until he meets the wildest and most aggressive mustang that is impossible to teach. Roman is used to solving all of his problems with brutal force, but this horse is not scared of him. So, the only way to find an approach to the animal is to tame the “beast” inside Roman himself. This is a serious movie about how to solve your own problems through communication with animals.

5. The Song of Names, 2019

Clive Owen and Tim Roth portray the main characters in this emotional and moving detective story — the screen adaptation of a Norman Lebrecht novel. The movie is set in World War II London. The parents of a young and talented violin player named Dovidl die. A family takes care of the boy and the musician soon becomes friends with their son Martin. Soon, everyone realizes that Dovidl is not just good, he is a genius. Everything goes very well and he is going to play his first concert, but then Dovidl just disappears. It’s not until 40 years later that Martin even comes close to solving the mystery, but can he find out why his friend disappeared?

6. Based on a True Story, 2017

The film from the famous French director Roman Polanski with Emmanuelle Seigner and Eva Green was destined to become a masterpiece. In the film, a young writer, Delphine, publishes a novel about her family tragedy and quickly becomes famous. But not everyone is happy with her work: the writer gets a lot of letters with threats. She then gets really depressed while her fan, Elle, tries to pull her out of it. She feels for the writer and she tells her that she also writes novels and she can replace the writer at a fan meeting. Delphine agrees and she doesn’t even realize what this decision will lead to.

7. Nomis, 2018

This is a great and exciting thriller. Cooper, a former judge portrayed by the amazing Ben Kingsley, is disappointed in the justice system and he comes up with his own method for catching criminals. He uses his partner as bait for bad guys, but during an operation something goes wrong and the girl gets kidnapped by a maniac. She is found in a mansion owned by a man named Simon who has quite a lot of prisoners there. It seems that this man has dissociative identity disorder and one of his identities is Hannibal Lecter.

8. You Shall Not Sleep, 2018

Many years ago, the patients of a psychiatric facility wrote a theater play and now a director decides to start a project and put on this play. A group of theater actors comes to an abandoned asylum building and they have to follow one strict rule: they can’t sleep in order to experience all of the emotions. Gradually, their consciousness starts to change and they see things they can’t explain. Is it their minds playing tricks on them or something more mysterious?

9. Thoroughbreds, 2017

This movie has everything that the fans of psychological thrillers love: a broken inner self, a revision of old values, and a test for how narrow the line is that people can cross without losing their identities.

The story is quite simple: in childhood, Lily and Amanda were best friends, but over time they drifted apart and their communication stopped. When they meet again, they tell each other about all the problems they have: Amanda doesn’t feel anything, as if her soul is frozen and Lily has more simple problems — she hates her step-dad. Then, they create a plan for how to solve these problems.

10. Gone, 2012

This thriller has Amanda Seyfried in it, which makes it very enjoyable to watch. Several years ago, the main character of the film, Jill, is kidnapped by a serial killer right from her bed. She manages to run away, but the villain was never found, and the pit where she claimed to have been kept wasn’t found either. Her life went back to normal over time and she just starts to feel better, when the nightmare returns: Jill finds out that her sister is missing. The police are sure that she’s not really missing and that she will return soon, so Jill has no other choice but to search for the kidnapper on her own.

11. Sorry We Missed You, 2019

This is an amazing drama about everyday struggles. The film feels a little like the show Black Mirror. The story revolves around the Turner family. Everything was great: the wedding, the children, the love, and the harmony. And then, a big financial crisis starts, and their debts start to multiply day by day.
Ricky, the head of the family, sees only one solution — sell his wife’s car, buy a van, and start his own business. It seems that if he works hard, things will get better, but life has its own plans and the new job only makes things worse. The family breaks apart and Ricky takes another dramatic step to save it.

12. The Ones Below, 2015

This movie is set in a house where 2 families live on different floors. Kate and Justin are expecting a baby, just like their neighbors below. Then, an accident happens: the girl downstairs loses her baby and she blames... the neighbors upstairs. And then the tension rises and it leads to a series of terrible events. Or not? This is a story of how to create your own enemies out of nothing and how bad people can truly be bad, even if they are smiling at you. Actress Clémence Poésy is in this film — you might know her as Fleur Delacour from the Harry Potter films.

Can you recommend any movies that have impressed you lately?

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