10 intriguing, brain teasing movies

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If you’ve seen ’Shutter Island’ or ’Fight Club’ so many times that you almost know them by heart, look no further for a new brain teasing masterpiece. Bright Side has made this selection for you!


Collect several strangers in a closed space, place them in extreme conditions, limit their time and ways of achieving their goal — simple, but brilliant. 8 candidates for a successful and prestigious job — only one will pass. Each of them has to answer only one question. But what question...

The Best Offer

La migliore offerta

One day, a famous fine art expert meets a mysterious woman begging him to appraise her property. During the movie, the answer seems to be close, but it isn’t so. This movie keeps you thinking for days.

Now You See Me

The Four Horsemen are illusionists whose shows always include a full house and... unbelievable robberies. Of course, this comes with the help of their tricks. During the movie, you’ll follow the fast-paced action to the smallest details. The lack of observance is mentioned a lot, and not in vain. The closer we step to the solution, the more attention we need to give.

Who Am I

If you’re a fan of Fight Club, this movie is for you. The main hero is a young computer whiz, but in the real world, he’s nobody. His life drastically changes after he meets his contrary. Rapid cuts intensify a viewer’s desire to figure out who the protagonist actually is.

All Good Things

Mysterious disappearance, secrets of the past, doubtfully sane protagonist, intrigues, and a beautiful romantic story. All of these mix up in an interesting and enigmatic movie, which leaves behind an odd aftertaste. But, it seems to be all movies of this genre (based on real events) have this feature.

The Double

Simon is a modest fellow. Co-workers, as well as the girl of his dreams, ignore him. One day in the office appears James — charismatic and self-confident... Simon’s double. He begins to steal bit by bit the poor guy’s life. This movie is worth watching just because it’s an adaptation of ’The Double’ by Fyodor Dostoevsky, an equally captivating novel.


Los cronocrímenes

Hector is an ordinary man, content with his life. One evening, he inexplicably runs into a time machine in the woods. If you’re tired of American cinema, a low budget Spanish movie about time travel presenting another point of view on the temporal paradox will surely strike your eye.

Gone Girl

Gone Girl is a thriller based on the story of how difficult the relations between a man and a woman can be. The protagonist’s wife inexplicably disappears, and he has to puzzle this mystery out, revealing his unpleasant secrets.


Even if a similar idea came to one’s mind later, the first well-known ’hermetic thriller’ was Cube. Several people get into a strange place full of dangers and try to find a way out. It’s one of those rare cases when a low movie budget doesn’t prevent a movie from surpassing big-budget movies.

Ex Machina

The movie’s atmosphere is saturated with mysteriousness, secrets, and technology. A young programmer is testing a female robot with artificial intellect for a week. All in all, it’s a ’mind game’ movie. Who’ll be the winner? That’s the main riddle.

Preview photo credit: a shot from Gone Girl © 20th Century Fox


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