13 Celebrities Tell Their Pregnancy Stories Behind Their Smile

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8 months ago

Society often perceives pregnancy as peaceful when a mother forms a special connection to her child. In movies and TV shows, expecting mothers tend to become bigger only around the belly area. They do nothing but walk around shopping malls looking for cribs during the daytime and send their husbands to get them ice cream at night.

But in the real world, pregnancy is far from a quiet, carefree time. Many women have to deal with problems they’ve never dealt with before, and celebrities are no exception.

Jennifer Lawrence

Kristin Callahan / Everett Collection / East News

32-year-old Jennifer Lawrence gave birth to her first child in February 2022, and the actress revealed that she’d had 2 miscarriages before that. She knew that pregnancy wasn’t a fairy tale, thanks to her female friends. She even had to ask herself, “Will I love my baby as much as I love my cat?” Later, she would admit that she loved her baby more than her cat and that she actually loved all babies in the world.

Lawrence went into labor right on the stairs. But before that, she’d written down a bunch of inspirational quotes that she wanted her husband to repeat to her when she was in the throes of labor. However, when the couple got to the hospital, Lawrence realized she wasn’t willing to listen to anything.

Blake Lively

In September 2022, the mother of 3, Blake Lively, appeared in public with a rounded belly. Earlier, she was talking about how hard it was for her to lose her pregnancy weight. She also mentioned that new mothers always compare themselves to other moms.

In another interview, Lively complained about how bad she felt in scorching summer weather. “Everybody says, ’How are you feeling?’ But they don’t really want to hear how you’re feeling,” she said.

Amy Schumer

The actress and comedian became a mom in 2019. Amy Schumer often joked about her pregnancy and all these “nice” things that come along with it. Due to her severe morning sickness, she even ended up in the hospital. “I vomit mostly every time I ride in a car, even for 5 minutes. And I resent everyone who hasn’t been honest about it,” she said.

Schumer also made fun of her pregnancy on social media. On Instagram, for example, she shared a photo where she posed at a museum, waving beneath the blue whale model hanging from the ceiling, and captioned it, “Couple.”

Gwyneth Paltrow

Gwyneth Paltrow is a mother of 2. Her kids were begging her for another sibling, so the actress dared for another child, but, unfortunately, she had a miscarriage. While giving birth to her first child, she had an emergency C-section because the situation was critical. A big scar on her body reminds her of what she had to endure.

Paltrow criticizes our society, where pregnant women and mothers are expected to look like their bodies haven’t changed at all. She confessed that her belly after giving birth looked nothing like what other people post on social media.

Mariah Carey

Polaris / East News

Mariah Carey gave birth to twins in 2011. The singer revealed that she gained weight during her pregnancy, making her so disgusted with her own body that she didn’t let even her husband see it. She even went so far as to shower with a towel on.

Kate Hudson

Kate has 2 older sons and a daughter. She revealed that her last pregnancy differed from the first 2 because it made her sicker. During a photoshoot in the early days of her pregnancy, she dreamt of “a bed and a bucket” as she felt pretty ill.

She was also irritated with how her boobs suddenly became much bigger. “I’m usually an A cup, and I’m getting close to a D cup,” she complained.

Ashley Greene

During pregnancy, the actress was irritated with all her friends, family, and fans who tried to give her advice. She gave birth to a girl in September 2022 and said she felt as protective of her daughter as Bella was of Renesmee in the Twilight films.

Jessica Simpson

Kristin Callahan / Everett Collection / East News

The singer shared all the hardships she had to go through during her third pregnancy on social media. She even asked for remedies to reduce her swollen feet. “Any remedies?! Help!!!!” she wrote. The singer couldn’t even wear shoes, so she shared her tricks for treating swollen feet online, like cupping, for example.

“After a month of sciatica pain followed by 3 weeks of bronchitis, I figured since my feet fit in my sneakers today, I needed to walk out a lot of anxiety,” Jessica Simpson complained.

Katherine Heigl

Katherine Heigl didn’t plan her pregnancy and didn’t enjoy some things that usually go along with it. For example, she wasn’t fond of incessant indigestion. “You can ask my co-stars on the set of Doubt, I never stopped burping. And I felt terrible about it, but there was just nothing I could do,” the actress recalled.

Meghan Markle

Nieboer / DDP Images / East News

Meghan Markle revealed that she didn’t find herself attractive during pregnancy. “I was so tired,” she said. After giving birth, she felt insecure about her post-pregnancy body, but she didn’t follow any extreme diets or do any tough training to get back in shape. She just walked a lot and did some gentle exercise.

Markle recalls that she and Prince Harry were given a huge list of potential baby names, which they looked through diligently. And during her second pregnancy, she tried to eat healthily but couldn’t say no to pasta.

Anne Hathaway

The actress doesn’t like the trend of showing only the positive things about pregnancy. This makes many women believe that they are isolated due to the problems that come along with this period.

Also, Anne Hathaway was irritated with people constantly asking her the name of her future baby. So she and her husband enjoyed confusing them by making up some hard-to-pronounce, silly names.

Amanda Seyfried

Amanda Seyfried revealed that she had to stay on antidepressant medication throughout her pregnancy. She had been taking them before she learned she would be a mother. Doctors prescribed her a very low dose, which helped her cope with her anxiety.

Gigi Hadid

Gigi Hadid revealed that she craved bagels during pregnancy. “I eat an everything bagel a day, and so I was already like, so excited that my birthday cake was the everything bagel,” she said in an interview.

Unlike how pregnancy is often shown in the media as idyllic and carefree, the truth is that it’s usually a tough time. In movies, we see pregnant women mostly just enjoying their baby bump. Still, in real life, pregnancy can bring about various unexpected challenges that affect women from all backgrounds, even celebrities.

Preview photo credit Kristin Callahan / Everett Collection / East News, jessicasimpson / Instagram, jessicasimpson / Instagram


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My second pregnancy was bad, i had non stop nausea and I was always tired, your body doesn't bounce back and you should be proud of the scars you have, i love my tree roots my son's gave me.


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During my 1st pregnancy I wasn't expecting to not be able to eat my favorite foods..that little one was like nope ! not today not tomorrow..next week..or next month..lol. I experienced a lot of evening nausea and definitely had to take cat naps through the day. I craved my mother's collard greens more than anything and then a mixed fresh fruit bowl..I miss that bonding and anticipation I'd do it all over again.


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