14 People Decided to Find Out What They’d Look Like With Perfect Appearances, and We Gave Them a Little Help

4 years ago

In the modern world, plastic surgery has become a regular procedure, just like getting a manicure or a pedicure. Even Time called it the “new makeup.” However, this is still surgery and not everyone is brave enough to do it. But in order to have a different appearance, you don’t have to undergo surgery — modern photo-editing software can help anyone see what they’d look like with a different face.

Some Bright Side authors and their friends wanted to find out what they would look like with, in their opinion, ideal noses, lips, and skin.


“I’d love to have a smaller nose, remove the tracheotomy scar, and have a mermaid’s hair.”


“I’ve always wanted to have Rooney Mara’s cheeks. And also, a longer and thinner neck.”


“I’d like to see myself as a brunette. Change the eye color to any other. And also the nose! A smaller and nicer nose.”


“I wonder what I would look like with green eyes. Also, a smaller nose and bigger lips.”


“I’d like to have a smaller and thinner nose, even-toned skin, and the cheekbones — more visible.”


“Make the nose tip a bit smaller and the hair a bit shorter — like Captain Marvel.”


“I want no bangs, a higher forehead, a thin nose tip, and narrower cheeks.”


“I’d love to see myself with a thinner nose and a thinner face.”


“I’d ask to lighten the hair a little, change the eye color to green, make the skin tone more even, remove the cheeks a bit and make the nose thinner.”


“I have always wanted to be a brunette with long hair and brown eyes. A smaller nose and different eyebrows as well.”


“What I’d like to get fixed is the droopy eyelid. Maybe you can’t really see it but I can’t do the right makeup. And also — I’d like a thinner nose, just wondering what it would like. Just a straight nose.”


“I’d like to see myself with a thin nose, green eyes, an oval face, and sunken cheeks.”


“I’d like to have curly hair and remove the crook on my nose.”


“I’d like to have a smaller nose and bigger lips.”

What would you change about your appearance? Or do you think that individuality is more important than a perfect nose or fat lips?


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