14 Photos That Prove Even Furry and Feathery Mothers Are Really Caring Creatures

4 years ago

Being a mother means responsibility, care and an immense amount of love. Our compilation is a reminder that no one can replace our moms no matter whether you are a baby, a bear cub, or a little kangaroo.

We at Bright Side are thankful for our mothers and everything they do for us, because their big hearts make us feel better than anyone else can.

Every loving mother is pleased to see their little mini-me beside them.

These little ones follow them everywhere, absolutely everywhere... like tails...

...like big fluffy tails...

...and they make you feel tired sometimes.

But it’s nothing compared to the opportunity to be able to kiss your carbon copy...

...or to cheer them on when they are afraid to take their first step...

...or spend some quality time together...

...and talk about everything.

It’s not just fun to be with mothers, but it’s also safe...

...because they feed us tasty food...

...they support us when we are tired...

...and understand us without saying a word.

They meet us with sincere happiness every time...

...because moms don’t care that time flies when their little bundle of happiness is by their side.

Thanks to all mothers for everything that you do for us! This is a post of gratitude, where everyone can leave a kind word in the comments.

Preview photo credit FloweyTheFlowerYT / reddit


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It shows how all kinds of animals can be soft! Even those bears are real cuties


All animals are really cute but dogs are always the happiest when I see pictures of their little babies


We can all learn a thing or two of animal mothers for sure


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