14 Things That Immediately Grabbed People’s Attention

year ago

Walking down the street can be very thrilling because you don’t always know what you’re gonna see — it’s almost like playing roulette. For this article, we looked for 14 pictures from people who saw something out of the ordinary, and wanted to share it with the world.

1. “A storm literally picked up and moved this road.”

2. “They have a 99% tip suggested.”

3. “Found a trail of jellyfish at the beach yesterday.”

4. “A random stranger came up to my girlfriend and I to show us the photo she took of us.”

5. “This tree in my neighborhood that has one branch of an apple tree, and the rest is a normal tree”

6. “I think my mom is allergic to hair coloring...”

7. “Found this at Value Village. What is it even used for?”

“You hang it on the wall and put your change in the mouth, and it collects in the sock. It’s a piggy bank of sorts.” ShakeInBake/Reddit

8. “Saw this on my walk to work today.”

9. “My saltines are the same size as the tile on my kitchen counter.”

10. “Took a picture of my cousin at their wedding table, and it caught the groom’s nose.”

11. “My husband got scalp edema from a severe sunburn.”

12. “This is what kids can play with at my dentist’s office.”

13. “These 2 smart cars fit in one spot.”

14. “This dental office trims their shrubs to look like molars.”


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