Fans Point Out a Tricky Detail in All of Blake Lively’s Met Gala Dresses, and We Can’t Unsee It

2 years ago

Blake Lively surely knows how to stand out in her beautiful dresses and make an entrance at the Met Gala. However, some people can be so in awe of her other-worldly gowns that it can be hard to notice anything else. But there are some hidden messages in all her looks, and if we look closely, this riveting detail is revealed.

We at Bright Side love noticing the smallest details about a person’s creative fashion sense, and this one caught us completely off guard.





Did you see it? Blake Lively’s dresses match the color of the red carpet! It’s either that or the red carpet chose to match with her, we’ll never know.

Had you noticed this small detail about Blake Lively’s Met Gala dresses? How surprised were you?


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Does anyone know what were the messages hidden in Blake Lively's dresses?


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