13 Red Carpet Secrets That Help Stars Look Perfect Without Any Photo Editing

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Celebrities always leave enough time to prepare for a red carpet appearance since they have to apply makeup, style their hair, and try on outfits, which can take around 2–3 hours. Their stylists make sure the event goes smoothly and that the stars look perfect. In this article, we have collected simple but effective tips that help celebrities feel confident on the red carpet.

Sponges and socks to fight deodorant stains

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Deodorant stains on a black dress can ruin any look. You can use a special sponge for removing deodorant stains. If you don’t have one, you can use an ordinary nylon sock. Just rub the stain and it will fade right away.

Stick-on strapless panties

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When the slits of a dress don’t let you wear ordinary underwear, stars use stick-on panties. Hollywood stylists say that they can be made from regular tape.

2 sets of shapewear at once

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Kim Kardashian doesn’t hide her love for shapewear and even developed her own brand. She once revealed that she will wear 2 sets of shapewear at once to feel even more confident.

Pasties (breast pads)


Dresses with a deep cleavage or transparent parts require us to cover the breasts with something unnoticeable. Pasties (or breast pads) are among the most popular fashion life hacks stars use. The classic ones are skin-toned, but there are also more decorative, sparkling options that attract attention to this body part.

All their necessities in a purse

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In order to be ready for any fashion emergency, stylists put all the necessities in the purses of stars, like a safety pin, a threaded needle, and adhesive tape. And if the star forgets the name of her dress designer, there’s a cheat sheet in the purse as well.

Sandpaper for shoes

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The first cruise we went on I had a new pair of shoes. The first time I wore them it was a little rough seas and slid all over the place. I had to take my shoes off.


Janet Mandell is a famous stylist who has dressed stars such as Ariana Grande and Gigi Hadid. She sandpapers the bottom of her clients’ shoes because the red carpet can get a little bit slippery. It guarantees that they won’t slip and fall and have a big wardrobe malfunction.

Anti-static spray to prevent the dress from sticking to the legs

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Satin has a tendency to hold static quite easily. A great way to keep that annoying sticky feeling at bay and ensure that the chosen piece is hanging correctly is to use anti-static spray. You can also use hairspray.

Cream eyeshadow to make the teeth look whiter

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Cream eyeshadows are sometimes applied to teeth to make a smile very bright. The effect doesn’t last long, but it’s enough for several close-up shots.

Panty liners in the armpits

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This trick helps you to avoid dark sweat and deodorant stains on clothes. For example, actress Jessica Biel applies paper napkins to her skin when she’s in the car and throws them away right before getting out. And panty liners are sometimes sewn or stuck to the underarms of a dress from the inside.

Bags for boots


In situations when you need to wear high boots, stylists use ordinary plastic bags to squeeze the leg in, reducing the friction.

Toothpaste for shoes

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Toothpaste is good not only for brushing your teeth. In fact, it’s perfect for using on scuffed shoes. Stylists recommend putting enough of the paste on a cloth and cleaning the shoes with it.

Waist ribbon

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Stylist Micaela Erlanger usually adds a grosgrain ribbon inside most of her dresses. It’s called a “waist-stay” and it instantly nips the waist and gives a little added shape. It’s better than a corset or shapewear. It can also be worn on top of the dress, serving as a highlight of the look.

A dancing loop to hold the dress

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A dancing loop is a small hook that’s the same color as the dress. It’s sewn around the palm, so the person wearing it can lift the skirt. Many stylists add such parts to hold the skirt and move easier.

What life hacks do you use before important events?

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Reading this article has made me feel better. You see the celebrities at events like these and you think that they wake up looking like they do on the red carpet. They have professional makeup artist and hairstylist preparing them for events like this. And then I read a professional photographer saying that some of the photos are "shopped".


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