9 Animals That Are So Rare, It’s Hard to Imagine They’re Real

8 months ago

According to scientists, our planet is home to about 8.7 million plant and animal species while 86% of land species and 91% of sea species are yet to be discovered. It’s just amazing that after hundreds of years of biological studies we keep searching and finding new species of animals, birds, insects and fish. Some of these creatures look so unique that it’s hard to believe we live on the same planet as them. It seems that nature will never stop challenging our imagination and surprising us with its creativity!

1. The shoebill is a bird that looks pretty charismatic thanks to its big shoe-shaped bill.

2. A horse color breed called Appaloosa is very popular in the United States. This breed is valued for its mesmerizing color patterns that challenge the imagination.

3. Have you ever seen a flying lemur? This gliding creature looks friendly, doesn’t it?

4. Tunki (Quechua), native to Andean cloud forests in South America.

5. Are these flower buds or mushrooms? Meet Umbonia spinosa: thorn-shaped bugs that look extraterrestrial!

6. Who is this comical-looking creature with crazy eyes? This is a mantis shrimp, one of the most colorful creatures found in the ocean.

7. The blue parrots’ color is unbelievable!

8. A red face is a distinctive feature of the bald uakari, monkeys with a unique appearance.

9. The giraffe weevil got its name thanks to its long neck.

For more incredible creatures of nature, check out this article.


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