15 Animals Who Could Easily Win an Oscar, and They Don’t Even Need to Try

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You never know what happens behind your back when there are pets in your house. One minute they behave like fluffy angels, and the next, they turn into hilarious, hairy humans. We rarely get the chance to notice the transition, but some people have the precious ability to click the camera button just in time.

1. “She woke up from her nap looking like this.”

2. “Morning meditation”

3. “My boyfriend and my cat have a special bond. I feel like the third wheel.”

4. “The look my best friend’s dog gives him when he realizes he’s at the vet’s and not at the park.”

5. “My cat races for the heater vents whenever she hears them turn on. She found out our new house has a wall heater.”

6. “Minerva doing her best spooky face”

7. “Whenever we turn a fan or air filter on, our little girl goes and sits right in front of it and makes her ’fan face.’”

8. “A criminal caught trying to climb on the table”

9. “I was holding the cat, and this is the face she gave me.”

10. “He might be praying or something.”

11. “Our boy trying very hard to not eat his pizza before Mom could take a picture.”

12. “Even more heartwarming is that it was a ’mommy’s home’ reaction.”

13. “When you wake up 3 minutes before your alarm rings”

14. “My dog dealing with huge trauma after I let the cat be on the bed with us”

15. “He reminds me of my first kiss. I was the fish.”

What are your pets’ names? What things do they do that never fail to make you laugh?


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