15 Curious Findings That Prove Our Planet Is Full of Surprises

3 years ago

Year after year we may think we have enough life experience and that nothing in the world could ever surprise us. But then a curious thing happens to you for the first time, like buying Doritos full of seasoning instead of chips or learning that Rolex watches have different versions of Roman numerals.

We at Bright Side know that our planet can be unpredictable at times, which makes it so you’ll never get bored finding new things.

1. “When I cracked this egg, it left the membrane intact, and there was a tiny flower inside.”

2. “I just realized that Rolex doesn’t use the proper Roman numeral for 4.”

3. “A very large mushroom we found while mushroom picking”

4. “My watermelon completely liquified itself overnight.”

5. “Plastic is just the worst. I found this buried in the garden from 1999 and there’s no degradation at all.”

6. “This banana painted on the floor of a grocery store”

7. “I found this slug sliding through this spring.”

8. “When a chicken with calcium deficiency lays an egg, the shell is like paper.”

9. “The dog found this moth.”

10. “How my flip-flop left in the sun shrank and changed color”

11. “The hair on my husband’s hand has been growing long and thick since he hasn’t been using it as much for 2 months.”

12. “This plant has a bunch of tiny plants growing on its leaves that fall off and grow into individual plants.”

13. “My daughter’s bag of Doritos was just seasoning, no chips.”

14. “The longest curly fry I’ve ever seen in my life”

15. “I was born with crooked pinkies.”

What on this list left you feeling the most surprised? Do you have your own photos of curious findings? Please share them with us!

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My left hand got crooked middle finger. And it is longer than my right hand's middle finger. ???


Yeah just imagine how long it will take for all the plastic in the ocean to be gone...


Why did they just randomly paint a banana on the floor? Just to mess with people? ?


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