15+ Gadgets Under $15 That Can Change Your Life for the Better

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Your home can be changed for the better with just a simple touch. A small gadget can forever prevent your sink from contamination. A special soap dispenser will help your toddler to make the process of washing hands easy. And your plants will be saved from dying with the help of a very simple tool.

We at Bright Side believe that making a smart home is not as expensive as we thought and we would like to share some of our finds with you. In the bonus section, you’ll find a gadget that you can use in the dark both at home and outside.

1. Solidify cooking oil and grease.

2. A ’tubshroom’ that protects a tub drain from hair

3. Houseplant sticky-stake-traps that attract insects hiding in plants

4. A dryer vent cleaner to get rid of trapped lint and dust in a dryer

5. A toilet set with a brush for hard-to-reach places that contains a silicone absorbent mat

6. A toothpaste dispenser to squeeze toothpaste without using your hands

7. A USB fan with a clock LED light

8. A color-changing egg timer to control the level of cooked eggs

9. A microfiber floor mop with a refillable spray bottle that makes the process of cleaning easier

10. A silicone gap cover that has multiple uses

11. A lazy arm smartphone holder that can be perfect for your kitchen

12. A universal drain stopper

13. A mini portable desktop vacuum to clean your laptop

14. A sleep-friendly wireless charger

15. A stone to hide your keys in

16. A universal splash filter faucet that can rotate 720°

17. A fridge cleaner and deodorizer

18. An egg-maker and food steamer

Bonus: Flashlight gloves for dark places

Which product would you like to buy? Which devices do you have at home that make your life much easier?

Please note: This article was updated in February 2022 to correct source material and factual inaccuracies.
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