15 Inventions We’ve Been Waiting on Forever

4 years ago

About 1.4 million inventions are patented in the world annually, according to the United Nations’ World Intellectual Property Organization. Our brains would heat up and explode if we looked at all of them. Nevertheless, there are some that are worth paying special attention to because they are likely to shift our lives to a totally new level.

We at Bright Side appreciate a comfortable life and everything that comes with it. This is why we compiled a bunch of recent inventions that we’ve been waiting for, for entirely too long. And our bonus at the end of the article will show you what the smallest smartphone in the world looks like.

1. Illuminated toilet bowl

Thanks to special motion-light sensors that illuminate the toilet bowl and don’t require that you turn on the light in the bathroom, men using the loo will never miss the bowl again. The “water-resistant” color-changing LED has several color options like red, orange, white, purple, and blue. Users can easily “freeze” a certain color if they want to with the help of a switch that is located on the side of the bowl.

2. Hot tub solar dome

Lying outside in warm water and watching snowflakes fall is perhaps one of the most enjoyable activities in the world. The only thing that might bring discomfort is when those flakes fall right onto your head. This inflatable dome can help you get the best of both worlds: heavenly warmth and a nice view.

3. Hand-held dishwasher

This hand-held dishwasher can easily adjust to the size of the dish and scrub all the dirt and grease with the help of spinning brushes. The device can even wash cutlery and chopsticks.

4. Toaster for cooking bacon

Not only will you be able to toast bread for breakfast, but you can cook bacon as well. The toaster can cook up to 6 strips at a time and has several modes of cooking intensity from nicely moist to crispy.

5. Paw cleaner for dogs

This device will save the homes of dog lovers from muddy paw prints. The cleaner works best when it’s placed near the door so that your pet can use it right after coming in from outside. It has a set of brushes that help remove debris from a dog’s legs and prevent it from getting tracked inside.

6. A backpack that conveys your mood to others

Not only does this backpack with a plastic case help to protect your valuables, but it also expresses your mood to the outside world. Thanks to a special digital display you can easily show customizable text, animation, or a music spectrometer.

7. Portable washing machine

This portable gadget, which is no bigger than a bar of soap, can turn any sink into a mobile washing machine thanks to the ultrasound waves it uses. When dropped in a sink, it emits ultrasonic soundwaves that form tiny bubbles that create jets of water and blast the dirt from clothes.

8. A device that controls fuel consumption

The GoFar (that’s the name of the invention) gives live, real-time feedback to drivers with an LED light display on the dashboard, glowing red or blue to tell drivers when they’re driving safely and more efficiently.

9. A box that lets you watch movies in private

HBO came up with a simple, but unique way to watch your favorite TV series if you are sharing a room with someone. A black cardboard box prevents noises and light from coming inside, thus, leaving a person completely dedicated to watching whatever they like. A shelf inside the box is a good bonus.

10. Pizza oven that cooks pizza in less than 6 minutes

Unlike conventional ovens, this oven promises to heat up to the needed temperature for cooking pizza (600°F) within 15 minutes, which allows your pizza to cook in less than 6 minutes. The uniqueness of this device is in the 2 baking stones inside that absorb the direct heat from the flame and redistribute it evenly.

11. Virtual keyboard projector

This keyboard projector was created to make your work with smartphones and tablets easier. It projects a virtual, full-sized keyboard onto any surface and is compatible with any device.

12. A device that quiets snoring

The world’s first smart patch has been released and you can finally forget about your partner’s snoring. This device combats the sound of snoring by sending out its own sound waves to cancel out the snores. You won’t hear the snore, even from a short distance.

13. Food allergy checker

This tiny gadget checks any food for unwanted ingredients in just a couple of minutes. If it detects unwanted allergens, the device will show a sad face; if no allergens are detected, it will show a happy face.

14. Suitcase and scooter: 2 in 1

A perfect gadget for commuters who ride kick scooters to work — one that turns into a suitcase has finally been released. It only takes a few seconds for it to transform, and it helps speed up and ease your way through the airport or your commute to work.

15. Finger — stylus

This finger was made for the happy owners of the latest generations of smartphones, phablets, and tablets, which are hard to operate with one hand. This stylus makes all the corners of the touch screen reachable and manageable.

Bonus: Officially the smallest mobile phone in the world

Zanco Tiny t1 is officially the world’s smallest phone. It measures just 46.7 mm in length with a 12.5 mm screen. This phone works with any mobile phone network and uses a nano-SIM card. However, due to its small size, Tiny t1 only operates on the 2G network.

Which of these inventions would you like to start using right away? Why? We would be glad to hear from you in the comments!


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