15 People Share the Weirdest Tips That Seem Absolutely Ridiculous but Actually Do Wonders

When life gets tough, some start thinking outside the box and eventually come up with unique solutions. Yes, some tricks might sound weird at first, but once you recognize the power they hold, you’ll definitely reconsider. Not only do they have that “wow” effect, but they also work like a charm.

Bright Side found 15 pieces of advice that are strangely effective.

  • From my 7-year-old daughter. I still laugh about it today. If you’re ever in an awkward situation with someone or need to just go away — you could always pretend to choke on something. I don’t know where this came from, but it’s funny, and it works.
    You just run away to get a glass of water.
    Typical-me- / Reddit
  • A coworker told me that when someone has the hiccups, you tell them “you’re not a fish.” The amount of times this has worked has convinced me she’s a witch. I have texted her at least a half-dozen times whenever it worked. At one point, while I had the hiccups, I asked a friend to tell me I’m not a fish. Worked. Sorcery!
    sinisterSoup / Reddit
  • “Make them tell you no.” It’s great when you’re not sure if you should apply for a job, go for a promotion or a raise, or do something you’re afraid of. Don’t be so worried about getting told no or failing, you’ll surprise yourself.
    Marnett05 / Reddit
  • How to unclog your nose. Close your mouth and pinch your nose, so you can’t breathe. Shake your head up and down until you need to breathe. Remove your hand from your nose and breathe (through your nose, not your mouth). Been doing this for a while now, and it’s pretty effective.
    Galaxy-Chaos / Reddit
  • Blinking twice when reading info from textbooks to sort of mimic photographic memory. Works for me for some reason.
    fritchbi / Reddit
  • Put a small stool under your feet when pooping, to mimic the natural squatting position. Changed my life, literally. During the first week after my discovery, I had a strong urge to tell all my family and friends about it, but had to restrain myself because of how weird that would sound.
    TheAbyssStaredIntoMe / Reddit
  • For a perfect high 5 look at the elbow of the other person. 100% of the time it’ll be a spot-on high 5.
    stanksnax / Reddit
  • Our dog was playing with, i.e. destroying, my mom’s shoes, so her sister said that she needed to yell at the shoe. Everyone laughed of course, but the next time our dog was busy with my mom’s shoes, my aunt walked up, grabbed the shoe, and yelled at it. No more shoes were destroyed or even touched by our dog.
    Chress98 / Reddit
  • If you can’t decide between 2 equally good options, flip a coin. If you’re disappointed with the results, go with the losing side.
    Inttegers / Reddit
  • While walking with a full glass or tray of water, try walking naturally and don’t pay attention to the water. Your natural gait is even and level (assuming you don’t have one leg shorter than the other or anything like that), while walking slow and trying to keep the water level will have the opposite effect.
    erox70 / Reddit
  • I had water inside my ears after bathing. So my sister told me to tilt my head, stand on one leg, and jump. I was skeptical about it, but did it anyways. It worked.
    vinay_awsome24 / Reddit
  • To the parents of newborns: pretend you’re not tired. At first, I thought it was cruel. But it was actually the best advice I’ve ever been given.
    When you’re sleep-deprived, that’s all you can think about. Focusing on it makes it a million times worse. Pretending you’re not tired and going on with your day removes the misery of bemoaning your fate. You stop feeling bad about your lack of sleep, or the many hours to go until you can rest again.
    jimmyjazz2000 / Reddit
  • If you’re in the woods, and you no longer hear subtle wildlife (i.e. birds, critters, etc.), leave. Leave immediately. Go back the way you came and do not look back.
    Many will think this advice pertains to the paranormal. But, in fact, animals are much more in tune with their senses than we are. If they sense danger of any kind, they’ll be the first to know and let you know.
    thesoulofasage / Reddit
  • Chewing on bread when cutting onions to stop yourself from crying. My wife told me and I can’t believe it works, but it does.
    hackthat / Reddit
  • If looking for something in a low light environment, try to use your peripheral vision. It has something to do with how eyes work. It’s helped me many times over the years. For finding stuff in a darkened room, or outside in a field at night.
    BMLortz / Reddit

What tips can you give that always work for you? What advice do you find useless?


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Another great tip for getting rid of hiccups that always works (just in case there is no one around to tell you are not a fish) is to push the back of your tongue up against the back of your mouth and against the soft pallet blocking the opening to your throat and take long and deep breaths through your nose filling your lungs with each breath in and emptying your lungs with each breath out. Breath in and out like this about 10 or 12 times and your hiccups will go. ☺ ♥


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