15 People Who Are Truly Exceptional

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We’re all born with unique features, but some people are blessed with rare and intriguing body parts that make them stand out from the crowd. These special qualities are an example of how beautifully diverse the human body can be, and we should appreciate them for their uniqueness.

1. “Having a curved toe finely paid off!”

2. “Behold my webbed (fused?) toe tattoo!”

3. “I touched a metal screw after cutting the tip off and burned the threads into my finger.”

4. “A perfect impression of my eye on my glasses.”

5. “Skin that absorbs imprints like silly putty.”

6. “Burn blister on my finger looks like an Among Us character.”

7. “I have bald spots on my shins from constantly resting them on a stepladder at work.”

8. “Had my eyes dilated earlier...only one of my pupils returned to normal size.”

9. “Smashed my thumb a month or so ago, now the bruise looks like a duck.”

10. “I have a random long straight arm hair.”

11. “When I was an infant one of my eyes started to turn brown but never fully changed.”

12. “I only have 2 bones in my pinky toe instead of 3.”

13. “My knees have a tan ombré after spending a week wearing shorts of varying lengths.”

14. “I have a triangle of dots on my arm with roughly 4 cm between them.”

15. “I have a (harmless) disease that makes my fingers occasionally turn a different skin tone.”

Do you or someone you know have a rare but unique body trait? Share it with us!

Preview photo credit ComicPlatypus / Reddit


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