15 People Who Can’t Keep Their Love Inside

2 years ago

Feeling love and spreading it around us is the fuel that makes us go in life. But even though this feeling is vital to all humans, some are born with an abundance of warmth and sensitivity inside them and have the need to express it at every opportunity. These big-hearted people shower strangers with affection as well, as they understand that life without love is like an ocean with no water.

Bright Side can’t get enough of people who illuminate the world with their positive attitude and good deeds. We’ll share photos that will make you feel a strong wave of love just by looking at them.

1. ’’My brother is the first to graduate in my family. Dad can’t stop crying.’’

2. ’’My dog died last year. Now he will be with me forever.’’

3. ’’My sweet 91-year-old grandma makes these hats and slippers by hand and donates them to her local hospital.’’

4. ’’My mom made a thank you painting for Reddit because people there loved her videos.’’

5. ’’I donated a table I made to a small restaurant hoping to keep them in business.’’

6. ’’I crocheted a sofa for my cat and cried the first time he went to snooze on it.’’

7. My son loves looking at the moon every night. So I made him a 3-meter-high rocket cake stand for his second birthday.

8. ’’My grandpa unexpectedly passed away and I made this charcoal portrait drawing for my grandma.’’

9. ’’A homemade cat tree for Rio’s birthday’’

10. ’’I haven’t been to the barber in years. Today, I donated 19 inches of hair to Wigs for Kids.’’

11. ’’These shoes my mom made for my soon-to-be-born nephew’’

12. ’’My sister and niece delivering support while I get chemo’’

13. ’’My husband and I built a fort in my son’s room as a surprise for NYE. We’ll watch movies together to ring in the new year.’’

14. ’’I couldn’t afford a headstone for my cat, so I made one myself.’’

15. ’’I got adopted at 22. My new mom, sister, and I got matching tattoos today.’’

What’s your way of expressing love? Do you believe that love is contagious and it just takes one warm action to turn your day around?

Preview photo credit Jay_no_pho/Reddit


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