15 People Who Live by the Motto “Never Give Up”

2 years ago

Tenacity and a passion for achieving our life goals are essential for fully embracing ourselves and our capabilities. Tenacity inspires you to get out of bed every day: becoming more determined and putting this trait to work can help you achieve greater success, as shown by the people listed below.

Today at Bright Side, we’d like to share with you these people who stuck to their goals and will prove to you that there’s always something wonderful at the end of the journey.

1. “My radiotherapy treatments worked! Most tumors have reduced in size.”

2. “My sweet girl is cancer-free today.”

3. “Two days ago I had the absolute honor of marrying my best friend, the love of my life.”

4. “My all-natural 200 lbs weight loss mommy makeover.”

5. “I never thought I would graduate from college due to being permanently disabled, but after 7 years of hard work today, I graduated with a degree in business!”

6. “We celebrate 5 years together and 2.5 years since taking our weight loss journey.”

“We are over 100 pounds down and have loved each other through thick and thin.”

7. “They diagnosed my daughter Abigail with rare and aggressive brain cancer. After surgery, chemo, and she is now cancer-free.”

8. “I’m getting married this Saturday and for the first time I’m actually looking forward to seeing photos of myself.”

9. “Before & after: Double-jaw surgery & rhinoplasty.”

10. “Down ~120lbs in 13 months!”

11. “My dad and I exactly 10 years apart. He’s lost 150lbs (68kg) and I’ve lost 30lbs .”

12. “Prior to 5 years ago, I was bed-bound and disabled. Today I ran my first 5K with my daughter. I’m proud of us!”

13. “Born at 35 weeks with Down syndrome, and had 3 holes in her heart.”

14. “Just landed my dream job, teaching people about dinosaurs and prehistoric animals at a natural history museum.”

15. “My experiences have taught me to have extreme kindness and empathy for all beings.”

Do you have the same determination to achieve your life goals?

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