15 People Whose Patience We Can Only Envy

2 years ago

If you are more or less impatient in your everyday life, your brain is maybe to blame. A psychology professor found neurological differences in frontal lobe functions between people who can keep their cool and those on the more expressive side.

Bright Side presents to you 15 situations that can make a stone grow legs and exit the scene in frustration.

1. “This is how my wife leaves a dish after taking it out of the oven and WALKS AWAY. We have children and a dog...”

2. “Someone took my bike and left one wheel.”

3. “My roommate throws away dishes so he won’t have to do them (I bought all our dishes and silverware).”

4. “All the places my wife keeps toilet paper other than the holder”

5. “A tough nut to crack...”

6. “Went to make poached eggs for breakfast. Turns out my wife was baking yesterday.”

7. “My mother destroyed my screen because my dogs woke her up.”

8. “My brother dug through the ice cream to take all the candy out.”

9. “I got new colored pencils today and saw this pencil’s label.”

10. “Windchill is −21 and some kids just egged our house. They froze instantly.”

11. “I cut the crust off my toddler’s sandwich so she would eat the whole thing. I came back to this.”

12. “My McCheese bites had no McCheese.”

13. “My brand new boots after 2 weeks of wearing them”

14. “Roommate’s gone weeks without doing dishes, despite being asked multiple times, and I have loaded and unloaded the last 4 loads.”

15. “Woke up and saw my door removed by my parents. I asked them why and they replied with, ’Privacy isn’t necessary.’”

What would you do if you found yourself in one of these situations? Would you be able to keep your cool?

Preview photo credit ReallyShouldWashThat / Reddit


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