15+ Photos of Our Favorite Fluffy Rascals That Used to Be So Cute and Tiny

3 years ago

It’s wonderful how fast our pets manage to conquer our hearts. And it takes them approximately as much time to go from funny little kittens and puppies to arrogant and chubby masters of the house. We love them with our whole heart, and these 4-legged rascals are perfectly aware of it.

At Bright Side, we decided to compare early photos of pets with the current ones that internet users shared online, and we were amazed of how fast time flies.

“This is Panko Breadcrumb, a single pup we fostered for a couple of months, and dropped her off at an adoption event. Today we saw her in the checkout line behind us.”

“We got Brandy from a farm 13 years ago and although she’s getting old now, she still has all the energy she had when she was a puppy!”

“I found these little dumplings under my house 4 years ago. I love them so much!”

“My pup the day we found her when she was too scared to be near me, and 2 months later as my new best friend”

“We took her in as a foster a year ago today and couldn’t let her go. Can you blame us? I mean, look at that face.”

“A worried rescue pup on the left and my very best friend Howie on the right.”

Arthur and Sadie had a rough start as feral kittens on the streets of Mauritius. Lots of vet visits, one flight, and 3 countries later, they’re the most spoiled babies in the world.

“When she came in, her head was so swollen she looked like an alien. A month later, she was a sassy, leggy teenager. She’s now terrorizing her forever home.”

“Theodore turns one-year-old today. The first pic is from the day we adopted him.”

From scrawny stray to lovely house kitty

Now she’s big enough to wear a ball dress.

“1.5 years later we’re still just as sleepy.”

“From a tiny rat tail baby who didn’t know how to be a cat, to a majestic fluff, meet Yoda.”

“Oliver was underweight, had mange and a distended belly, and we were told he might fail to thrive. He’s 8 months old today and hasn’t stop growing!”

Elvin. 2 months old to the left, and 3 years old to the right.

“I think they might need a bigger crushed hut to sleep on.”

From a pensive orphan kitten to a beloved happy goofball

“I got him at 9 weeks old and now he’s almost 4 years old and thriving!”

It seems that this rascal realized too quickly how lucky he is.

Tell us how you got your favorite pet.

Preview photo credit RedArremerAce / Reddit


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I love that 5th picture, that's how I would sleep if I was a cat 😄😄😅


I got my 2 older cats from online from a couple that had the mamma cat and then they had 2 kittens themselves. I love my babies so much. I can't imagine my life without them!!


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