15+ Photos That Get Even Better If You Look Closer

3 years ago

We know that spontaneous photos are very often much more interesting than the shots that took a long time to take. And it’s about the details: there may be a tragedy in the background or someone gets in the photos accidentally that makes the shot a hit.

This Bright Side compilation is all about the photos that get much more interesting when you look at them closer.

This monkey at the top of a water tank

“Got tired of seeing this old scar in our tree, so I turned it into a fairy house”

The bubbles in my hand sanitizer look like a mini-solar system.

Those are some really long legs.

This is George’s safe space whenever the vacuum cleaner is out.

“My pill is a pill of pills.”

“Bat earring found its way into my inhaler. 14 hours in the ER and one surgery later, I am now known as Batgirl.”

Just 2 guys walking their cats in strollers

“See that tiny sliver of metal in the gap? Those are my car keys that I locked in the groove of my trunk.”

“Wasp captured right in front of my eye — golden eye”

“This amazing bird just landed on my balcony.”

“My M&Ms sank, but the Ms stayed behind.”

This cow just came from Asgard.

“This car drove past us. I thought it was just a skin or some kind of wrap. But, it’s cars. Tiny cars. TINY CARS!”

“My cousin’s ultrasound photo looks like someone’s riding a motorcycle.”

A pile of lemurs keeping warm

“I thought she was wearing a black dress and had her hands on her hips.”

Do you have any photos that have a different meaning when you look closer?

Preview photo credit Lannart / Reddit


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