15 Pics That Show Mothers Are Our Guardian Angels

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2 years ago

The second we step into this world, we make our presence known by crying loudly — and it might just be because we’re sad to leave our mother’s womb, the place where we were protected at all costs, the place that provided us with everything we need. Our moms are the reason we’re alive and their sacrifices are endless — even if we sometimes might find it hard to actually say it out loud, we love them with our entire being.

Someone we can share our good and bad moments, a shoulder to cry on, a place that we feel safe forever — our mothers are the true heroes and Bright Side gathered some snaps that prove this, once again.

1. “My mother holding her grandson”

2. “Recently, my mother got sick. While looking for photos to bring to her, I found this pure moment of happiness.”

3. “Back in 2003, my mom convinced me that I got an ‘honorable mention’ for a Lego Magazine building contest.”

The award reads: “For his imagination and artistic ability of his Lego Creation! Although you did not win the Grand Prize, your entry was chosen to receive this special award!”

4. “My mom snuck a baggie of homemade cookies into my purse this morning when I dropped my son off at her house before work.”

5. “My Mother gave me this maple tree on my first Father’s Day 30 years ago. She’s been gone for 7.”

6. “My mom always cuts my sandwiches and arranges them in a heart shape.”

7. “Found my mom’s bucket list while going through her stuff after she left this world.”

8. “My mother was given an award for temporarily fostering 29 kids in 2 years. She is the best!”

9. “My mother took her first ride in 40 years today on her new bike!”

“My father passed 2 years ago and this is one of the first real smiles I’ve seen on her face. I’m overjoyed.”

10. “I thought I had a secret admirer, found out later it was my mom.”

11. “Lost my mom in April, got a tattoo of one of her drawings and her handwritten note she wrote me.”

The note reads: “I’d rather walk in the rain with you...Than in the sunshine alone. I love you...”

12. “My stepmom won’t leave our 11-year-old dog Jack’s side. He’s been extremely ill for the past few days.”

13. “This is how my Mom greeted me at the airport, after having not seen her for a few years.”

“She made me walk through the entire airport under her left arm.”

14. “Today was my 30th birthday. My mom sent me this picture of her and my dad at the moment of my birth.”

15. “My mom recently passed away and her memorial is tomorrow. Just found this picture of the 2 of us that I’d never seen.”

When was the last time you saw your mother? If you could relive your favorite moment with your mother, what would it be?

Preview photo credit Aecko_ / Reddit


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