15 Pictures Which Can Easily Trick You If You Don’t Look Twice at Them

2 years ago

Missing walls, floating babies, or even giant dogs — angles and lighting can really play tricks on our minds, especially in a photo. Because of that, we often need to take a better and closer look to actually understand what exactly is happening in the picture.

We at Bright Side gathered several examples of tricky pics that left us scratching our heads.

1. Those are not his legs, they’re rugs.

2. “The pool looks like it’s missing a wall.”

3. “My son, floating in a chair”

4. “Catnibalism”

5. “Took this photo while on a train. The white jacket bears a resemblance.”

6. “These staircases lead to nowhere.”

7. “My cat defying physics to lick egg yolk off my plate”

8. “Only one more head needed until I have my very own Cerberus...”

9. “My apartment’s window”

10. “This tree looks like an upside down person.”

11. “Does this corgi look huge to anyone else?”

12. “This cracked paint looks like elvish writing.”

13. “My cat has 3 front paws, apparently.”

14. “This brick wall looks like it was not rendered properly.”

15. “Wood splinters that look like a city”

Which of these pictures took you the longest to make sense of?

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Preview photo credit bobo94s / Reddit


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