15 Shots Proving We’re Nothing but Grains of Sand in This World

4 years ago

Humans have lived on Earth for millenniums, but it still feels like there’s a lot for us to learn. Time and time again, different phenomena prove to us that the world is filled with powerful, mysterious forces we have yet to comprehend.

We at Bright Side love looking at the big world around us, so we’re sharing these photos that remind us just how small we really are.

1. “A storm literally picked up and moved this road.”

2. Here’s a plane flying somewhere under the rainbow.

3. “Ice storm makes north Georgia look like something out of an apocalypse movie.”

4. Hopefully, nobody was still in the car...

5. In Michigan, the sky sometimes thinks it’s an ocean.

6. A storm in Germany flattened these trees.

7. “Took this 2 nights ago when a storm was moving in over the university in town.”

8. Before the ice storm, this used to be a tower.

9. “Storm photo of the sea from the coastal town Porthleven, Cornwall — it’s very impressive.”

10. “This was taken minutes before a major wind and hail storm.”

11. “The tornado ate my job.”

12. This Australian car couldn’t beat the heat... the aluminum rims are melting!

13. Things can get pretty hot in South Africa too!

14. “Thanks to all the rain, the water level fits this ’No Swimming’ sign perfectly.”

15. “New Zealand earthquake shows its force on railway lines. This is not photoshopped.”

Do you know of any other images of natural phenomena from around the world? Please share them with us in the comments!

Preview photo credit mybliss / Imgur


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