15 Times Animals With an Attitude Ruled the Internet

2 years ago

Pets can go from the cutest little creatures to evil-looking derps in just a few seconds. Plotting revenge and getting angry when they are not fed and feeling miserable when it’s time to get their nails trimmed, are just some of the million times you can expect your pets to show their quirky attitudes. And just when you think you’ve seen everything, wait until you try to give them a bath.

We at Bright Side prepared a compilation of pics for you where pets found themselves on an emotional rollercoaster.

1. “She always goes like this when I take out the nail clippers.”

2. “My cat’s expression when she sees my food.”

3. “Caught her planning to stab me for being 15 mins late for wet food.”

4. “I have an angry-looking goldfish, and it’s adorable.”

5. An angry fluff

6. “My cat reached a whole new level of evil last night.”

7. “My buddy plotting his Cake Day revenge.”

8. “Vet said she needed to take a little off to get rid of a belly mat... Gonna sleep with one eye open...”

9. “This llama gave me as much attitude as you think he would.”

10. “My dog sticks his tongue out when he’s upset.”

11. “Our toilet paper didn’t stand a chance.”

12. “This is my birthday squirrel. You may look but please no touch.”

13. “My cat is not impressed but I am!”

14. “Giving attitude for being left alone.”

15. “He hates me.”

Which of these pics made you laugh? Do you have a pet with an attitude? If you do, share their pictures with us in the comments.

Preview photo credit AlqW12 / Reddit


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