15 Times People Went to a Hairdresser and Came Back as Epic Superheroes

3 years ago

People around the world do so many things to change their look. For instance, they put on tons of make-up, wear different jewelry, or even do plastic surgery. But it turns out that sometimes, all you need is a new haircut and that’s it — now you are a Hollywood superhero.

Motivating our readers to take a step forward and make some changes will always be Bright Side’s top priority. So here are 15 examples of good choices.

1. “One day after cutting off 11 years’ worth of dreads.”

2. “I did a thing: First cut in nearly 4 years!”

3. Like 2 different people

4. “I just got my first haircut in 6 years.”

5. “A year ago I cut off my hair. Here’s a before and after, one year difference.”

6. “I asked a friend to take a before and after selfie with me after growing my hair for a year.”

7. The new cut suits you very well!

8. “Had to clean it up a little bit after 8 months.”

9. “Trimmed my 4-year beard down for work.”

10. A little change in your appearance and you’re a new person.

11. “Got tired and that’s it. I got a haircut and trimmed the beard.”

12. A simple haircut can completely change your look.

13. Before and after a haircut

14. “Feeling confident, I cut my hair short for the first time in about 15 years.”

15. How to change your appearance in 3... 2...1...

What does your haircut look like? Have you ever experienced such drastic changes after visiting the barber? Please share your pics with us down below!

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10, 15 years of long hair? No.. no... noo.. I can't even imagine! I have short hair and yet I am so bored in making them look nice everyday :p


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